‘How are you going to pay for it?’ Andrew Neil hammers Lib Dem over 50,000 refugees pledge


Unfortunately it is not 50,000 people. On average they have approximately 5 children. So that makes the original plus children at a figure of 250,000 in 18 years that figure will rise to 1,250,000 but of course that wont have any effect on the public services. After 36 years that figure will be 6,250,000. You do the maths and tell me how we can possibly afford this insanity.

50,000 extra people using our NHS, housing, etc etc. No one on the liberal side of politics mentions the effects of these extra numbers has on services, although I did some 2 months ago read one account that said it had no effect. How can it not have effect, have we banned migrants from using these services? They complain that hospitals and doctors surgeries are at bursting point, but no one says anything about the migrants as though they don’t affect it? PC is alive and well and has a natural home with Labour/Lib Dem’s/Greens/SNP, etc who refuse to blame the migrant figures that have risen since Blair/Brown!

It cost 2 years ago 24 thousand pounds a year for each individual guest That is a heck of a lot of money that SHOULD be spent on our own. In addition they need housing and schools if he is talking about families. Plus an average family seems to have a least 4 children, that means many school places are going to be needed. Sorry I do not mean to be unkind, but NO we need to look after our own children first. Our schools, especially inner city schools are full to bursting.

And will the 4.3 billion cost include the 20,000 additional houses required, the extra hospital doctors and nurses, the new schools required, the additional energy, water and sewage capacity, jobs for so many, social services and psychologists for these war torn people, extra burden on transport. And the required education about our culture including women as equals!  Plus not shouting @ 100 decibels in small cafes!

We are BUSTED! (£5100+ per SECOND!)
Worth a Look. SHOCKING!

The Fall of the United Kingdom – Coming Catastrophes in the UK Economy

Stefan Molyneux

Published on Oct 16, 2013
The state of the United Kingdom economy including government spending, budget deficits, interest on the debt, unfunded liabilities, public sector worker pensions, retirement savings, educational spending, health care costs, the death pathways, the myth of austerity, taxes, military spending, monetary policy, inflation, standard of living, income distribution, unemployment and mental health.

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