Jeremy Hunt’s promise of 5,000 extra GPs in tatters as vacancies hit highest ever levels

Nurses accuse Theresa May of destroying nursing in letter signed by more than 100 workers

It is the intention of the Tories to privatise our NHS by first running it down and then selling it off to their rich American friends. The NHS is NOT safe in Tory hands.

The TORY party are only interested in The ideology of Privatisation aided and abetted by Jeremy hunt , Gove and the many others under the thrall of Rupert (Mucky) Murdoch as all of the Tory party have plenty of money for private health care , they do not care about the ordinary person

If it wasn’t for the nurses my son would have never walked as he was born with deformities in his feet, they spent 14 long weeks correcting them, they are amazing, each and everyone of them.

and that is why there is a nursing shortage, the younger generation know that training to become a nurse will not only begin with a massive debt but will continue with such poor pay that they will never pay back the student debt. Jeremy Hunt actually thinks not earning enough to pay this debt is an incentive to become a nurse…

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