UK Column News – 10th May 2017

  • General Election – Protective Security warns an attack is likely  Fear Fear Fear The country is actually being destroyed by UK politicians
  • Jens Stoltenberg statement after meeting with Theresa May & before NATO meeting.  By coincidence the NATO meeting will be taking place in Brussels.  So EUSSR at the heart of NATO defence talks.
  • While UK Parliament is in recess Stoltenberg discusses EU/UK Military Unification with Theresa May. Then of all things Stoltenberg stands outside N10 and briefs the Press/UK Public about 3 things to consider – burden sharing, transatlantic unity and the fight against ”terrorism.”
  • Afghanistan is beginning to fragment so it’s beginning to look like a second Iraq.
  • Alarmed Forces – Army chiefs and wounded war heroes deliver damming letter to PM demanding she save forces from cuts
  • We are back when David Cameron & the ToriCons fabricated a letter appending senior officers’ names to it without their authority – to look as if the officers were giving support to EU to then link in with support for EU Military Union and the TCs are desperate to continue with this.
  • The reason UK industry is in the state it’s in is as a result of adoption of supra-national treaties from Lisbon to St Malo and thereby EU Military Unification where the National Militaries are unified by policy and budgets.  So back to the cuts.  They are not cuts.  This is the blending of the policy and budgets into single point control from Brussels where they can set their budget for defence & defence services for the EU Zone of which the UK is still a part.  So there is no BREXIT as things stand because there has been no debate about EU Military Unification!
  • Jonathan Beale – Five questions on defence spending that won’t go away
  • The Bank of International Settlements administers this defence spend. i John Redwood’s solution to this i.e. that this money should be re-directed from the EU Investment Bank that funds the EU Defence Agency – Mrs May is the biggest contributor in Europe btw – back to where it should be spent i.e. in the UK.  Mr Redwood maintains this would then benefit UK Economy and UK Industry.
  • Interesting that Mr Beale stated 30 Billion would be spent in foreign purchases.  Well that doesn’t benefit UK industry one bit.
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