TC Michael Fallon Spoke Against Re-Nationalization Of Rail Services On Classic FM Today

Fallon’s remarks were featured on Classic FM which is part of GWR Group.

Fallon maintained that the Nationalisation of the Rail Services was how the UK got into the financial mess it is in at the moment?????

The Rail has been operated by privateers for nearly 20 years but the tax payer is still picking up the tab for maintenance of track and all sorts while the privateers just cream away passenger revenue for themselves and shareholders instead of it going into the Treasury.  At the hands of the privateers the cost of rail travel continues to increase but the service does not match these increases in fares.

eg.: British Rail was broken up and privatised between 1994 and 1997, and since then rail services in the UK have been provided by private companies. 

e.g.: Train operators pay £200m to shareholders after £4bn subsidy

Only a couple of weeks ago a load of Northampton passengers had to get off their London Midland train at Watford Junction with the rest of the Watford locals because there was no train driver to continue the service to Northampton.  They had to then wait for the next available train from the Junction to continue to their Northampton destination.  Lots of grumbles but on the whole the great British public just sat down and waited it out.  This was at peak time in the evening as well when homebound passengers could have been due to pick up children or on some other urgent business.

Further let’s not speak about the ongoing chaos at Southern Rail which is jointly operated by Govia and Keolis, a private sector French Group.

Further the last publicly operated service which returned a good profit to the Treasury and had a good reputation for service – East Coast Rail – was hiked off into the hands of rail privateers Virgin & Stagecoach  in 2015.

Michael Fallon is talking out of his **** says Gideon and should shut his mouth if the ToriCons want to have any credibility what-so-ever!


Clickety Clickety Click Click Click. ?????? Clickety Cleckety Click Click Click. ??????? There you are Gideon? Yes GW. Ah that’s a good cup of English Breakfast Gideon. Well GW you know that my Great Aunt Adelicia always insists on using a bone china cup and on warming the cup first. I see Gideon. God Bless her in her wisdom. Now Gideon. I don’t seem to be able to find that link for that Michael Fallon remark we were talking about earlier. Don’t suppose you could …… GW have you tried ….. You mean, Gideon, Clickety Clickety Click …….. NO GW – I said – never mind you do it your way GW.

Later still

Email:  Here’s the Item GW.

Labour manifesto leak: Renationalise rail, buses, energy and Royal Mail

Claims emerge of splits at the highest levels of the Tory government between Theresa May and Philip Hammond

Even Later

GW thought Phil Hammond said it.  Gideon corrected this to ”Michael Fallon said it.”  Sky News is referring to a ”conservative party spokesperson” said it.  The mystery deepens …… BUT the ToriCon on Classic FM while refuting the Labour Nationalisation Plans definitely blamed the current financial crisis on it.

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