Jonathan Pie On Strong & Unstable Theresa May

Jonathan Pie

Published on May 7, 2017

fahim asjad (edited)
Pie for prime minister

One thing we can all agree on is that… our health secretary Jeremy Hunt has his name spelt wrong this whole time. It supposed to begin with a ‘C”.

Ceremy Hunt? 😛

Harrison Hayward-Gore
Ceremy Hunt has a nice ring to it, you’re right!

Hint: it begins with a ‘c’ and ends in ‘unt’.

Tod Olusola
trihardFTW jeramy cun

Shuggy Thomas (edited)
…or Jeremy Runt in polite circles. Ah go on, I dare someone, I will go as far as Jeremy Cnut.

Shuggy Thomas
CCHQ tannoy – Phone call for Michael Hunt, phone call for Mike Hunt, Mike Hunt, Mike Hunt, says the lady at reception.

Player Slot Available
I am also alright with hunting Jeremy.

Ceremy Hunt

Captain Crimson Corsair
Ethancy *Cthulu

Edith P
The fact that this comment currently has 124 likes tells you all you need to know about the current level of political discourse among the left.

Cos Its 167
That’s like…genius and shit.

or… it could mean that some people have a sense of humour and that quite frankly we’re pissed off at the incompetent fool of a health secretary that we refer to him as such.

Shuggy Thomas
Is that it Edith? Is that the best you’ve got? How much is your annual private healthcare insurance premium these days? Still stable, unlike car and house insurance from Tory insurance firms? Talk about redirecting funds for Tory mates or what!

Shuggy Thomas (edited)
trihard – Jeremy Twunt is a twonk.

Player Slot Available
I think they are doing what is commonly referred to as “Trolling”.
Knowing that people will take the bait and get upset by their comments.

Tod Olusola
+Animus1539 or C.Hunt lol

Shuggy Thomas
#JeremyCunt Sorry! It had to be done, eventually, at the end of the day, when the cows are coming home, for milking. : )

Parker Productions
His name has entered the lexicon of Cockney Rhyming Slang forever.
Plates of meat = feet
Jeremy Hunt = Cunt 😛

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