Some French Voters Received Faulty Ballot Papers

”The campaign director for Ms Le Pen, David Rachline, has told voters who have received spoiled ballots to tell the authorities at the polling stations.

Some voters have said that they have received envelopes with two ballots with Mr Macron’s name.

Videos have emerged of people opening their envelopes with two voting slips for Macron and this happening multiple times in the same household, it was alleged.”

GW: Surely tptwtb wouldn’t have rigged the election would they?

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One Response to Some French Voters Received Faulty Ballot Papers

  1. As a Director of Applied I F Limited may I invite your readers to have a look at which Discloses in the Interests of Justice and Democracy Factual Evidence of Vote Rigging upon an Industrial Scale at the 2015 UK General Election
    This was achieved by the UK Electoral Commission corrupting its own Voting Count Model by Failing to Disclose 3 of the 5 Primary Vote Categories which have been Prescibed by Acts of Parliament , beginning with the Ballot Act 1872, through the Representation of the people Act 1983, and via the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011, to mention but 3 Acts, ( Not Exhaustive ) – there are many more
    To precis the 63 Pages of the Ballot Act 1872 in terms of the Count Model, this stated that:-
    Issued Ballot Papers ( Votes ) Must Equal ( and Balance to an Accuracy of 1 Vote ) Cast Ballot Papers ( Votes ) Plus Rejected Ballot Papers ( Votes )
    If this Simple Sum is Not Satisfied, the Election is Unlawful ( Ultra Vires )
    Of course, this was before Postal Voting
    Allowing for Postal Ballot Papers ( Votes ) this simple Sum changes to:-
    ( And using the Count Model “Template” shown on the Skwawkbox Blog ) in yellow highlights:-
    Issued Returned Postal Votes ( CAT 2 ) PLUS Issued “Walk-In” Polling Station Votes ( CAT 3 ) MUST EQUAL CAST Votes ( CAT 4 ) PLUS Rejected VOTES ( CAT 5 ) AND THIS SIMPLE EQUATION MUST BALANCE TO 1 VOTE – for an Election to be Lawful, Intra Vires
    The Applied I F Limited #QUIXOTE Forensic Investigation TEST 1 ( Of 6 TESTS which Applied I F Limited has offered Pro Bono to the Police College National Lead of Authorised Professional Practice for Policing Elections DCC Gareth Cann and his Staff Officer Inspector John Askew, both Officers who are with the West-Midlands Force, and based at Bournville Police Station in Birmingham )
    The #QUIXOTE TEST 1 can, and has been written in a slightly re-arranged format as :-
    The Judgement of His Honour Judge Richard Mawrey QC in the Tower Hamlets Election Fraud Case Precedent has, in effect, used this Principle, but has set this out in Legal Terms which comes from the Representation of the People Act 1983
    The Applied I F Limited Discloses this in the Form of a number of EXCEL FILES, Examples using the Count Model Template of 6 Vote categories
    This Shows the 6 Vote Categories in 6 Columns , the 5 Primary Vote Categoories Above, PLUS a Sixth Category being the TUNRNOUT Figure , expressed as a Percentage
    This 6th category is NOT one of the 5 Primary Vote categories, but is a Secondary Category, since it is Defined by ( and in ) another Act as ( CAT 2 PLUS CAT 3 ) DIVIDED BY CAT 1 ( The ELECTORATE ) , being a PRIMARY CATEGORY ( The Number of Persons who are Legally Entitled to Vote
    This Turnout Figure does rely upon 3 other Primary Vote Categories
    Readers will please note that, of a number of examples of Voting Irregularities disclosed upon ( and repeated upon :- – Paul Cardin, who is another Director of Applied I F Limited ) there are shown 3 Empty Columns where there are NO Ballot Papers ( Votes ) shown – Neither on MP’s Voting Shown upon , NOR the Root Source of Official Voting Records being the Various Council Web Sites

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