Psychiatry – Mental Illness For All

Windows On The World

Published on May 7, 2017 This show features Daryl and Sian from Speak out against psychiatry. The show looks at how mental illness is defined and the corporate side of mental health.

Psychiatry the Fraud – 2006

Psychiatric Drugs Kill the Lives of Those Who Take Them

Speak Out Against Psychiatry

Luga Longarm
The Nature Of Depression Via Social Conditioning Environmental Destruction – Depressions is a created illness from environmental factors which undermine us as we pass through life. The behaviours of others from our birth damage us, as they was, passing on to us the infected constructs of conditioning; systems of control which undermine the sense of the developing self, as well as unnatural foods which our bodies do not understand, radiation which was not present on this planet until recently, wifi, as well as the chemical poisoning of our environments, pesticides and such damaging us and the earth.

These are not random claims, if you have any understanding of our biochemical body then it is obvious how such factors play on our overall health.

It sounds like Daryl has a powerful case for suing the NHS or whoever gave put him on the dreadful drug regime that did him so much harm. Shocking but not really surprising.
Two thousand years ago all these conditions would have been seen as spiritual conditions and attempts would have been made to treat the afflicted accordingly. Almost certainly a far better approach to such problems.

So very important to keep our children off this toxic stuff. See this wonderful talk, (funny too) to hear Sir Ken Robinson explain how, years ago, a good doctor saved a child from possible treatment by diagnosing her restlessness – ‘she is a dancer’ and she went on to become a really famous great dancer and choreographer. Brilliant

Maidels Marie
If you suffer from mental illness, even schizophrenia, please understand there is relief with targeted nutrition. The answers are in your blood. The research is based on blood panels of 40,000+ psychiatric patients. Please see the information at on the 5 biotypes of mental illness. They can take you as a patient no matter where you are in the world. Trageted nutrition gave me a life worth living again! Go to to complete testing on your own. Costs are minimal. There is real help! BTW I am not affiliated with Mensah Medical.

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