Kendrick Lamar – Illuminati Final Warning! (2017-2018)

Jason A

One of his songs on DAMN – He’s citing the Bible’s James 4.4 ”A friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” it says, meaning that in order to attain God’s Grace, ignoring your lusts is of the utmost importance.

shortmonee 312 (edited)
Don’t be deceived people, Chance did not reach his prominence by accident, his father is a very powerful Mason!! When these “celebrities” talk about “God”… Which “God” are they talking about??
Pay attention!!

Adrianno Shenah
im getting the vibe he’s a false prophet and people are following him blindly. even the devil can acknowledge christ. dont be easily fooled people, satan is a great deceiver. every celebrity is in on it, even the ones who “go against the illuminati”. the ones who actually go against them die right away. dont be fooled by this.

Gregory Bell II
Jason A keep sounding the alarm my friend.

Illuminati is busy destroying Syria and starting world war 3.

Ree Christian
Don’t be fooled Christians Chance and Kendrick are sell outs. Kendrick is a black Hebrew Israelite which is like a masonic brotherhood but mainly blacks who believe they are True Jews. Chance is a sellout he has pictures doing illuminati signs and hangouts with known Satanists. A person lead by God/Jesus Christ and the holy spirit isn’t hanging out at places like MTV/Hollywood with Kardashians and other Satanists wake up!

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