Présidentielle : on a tenté de décrypter le langage Macron (en vain) – franceinfo

RE Macron: Brabantian comments:

”This is a sophisticated game.

My read here is that the Powers That Be, have moved to trigger the collapse of Macron & France itself, even before Macron ‘wins’ tomorrow night … serving their ongoing oligarch goal of de-stabilising Europe.

The ‘leaks’ seem intentionally delayed until just before the election, when they are under French media ‘black out’ and much less likely to change the result.”

The Independent

”A mix of fake and true ‘leaks’ would be optimum for chaos.

Israeli and CIA asset ‘Wikileaks’ – led by faker-hoaxer ‘not really at Ecuador embassy’ Julian Assange – are playing big in the Macron game, a sign that ‘Macron Leaks’ are a big intel op … using the now-favoured 4chan to ‘legitimise’ the Macron leaks ‘launch’

Macron is apparently fairly talentless & destined for failure, there have been past pieces exposing his incompetence in banking, tho it was clear Macron had Big Connections and was being groomedhis backers are the old French establishment behind Hollande, Sarkozy etc, Macron was an empty vessel, he seems unable to get anything done in office.”


”France has long been in grid-lock, slowly drifting into un-governability … the Powers That Be can profit by inciting & managing the collapse of the French Fifth Republic, at the time they choose.

Given that the world debt bomb is perhaps about to explode, it may be a preferred time for oligarch controllers to collapse France and make European assets cheap to buy.”

Brabantian7 May 2017
Macron was rather robotic, mind-control-survivor-ish in his victory speech

Those links Aangirfan gives above are interesting … the Macron Leaks do seem to have some credibility

Especially charming on Got News are the photos of a site where Macron is apparently enrolled, ‘Vestiare Gay’, gay men’s clothing

With Rothschild-lawyered Julian Assange helping promotion of the Macron leaks, we have Rothschild fake ‘alt-media’ promoting leaks instantly undermining the Rothschild banker empty suit President … Seems to be all a plan

They are discrediting the whole idea of voting … leftists across Europe have been de-moralised ever since those Syriza liars sold out the Greek people

eg –
Le Pen ‘THIRD in election as spoiled ballots & abstentions beats votes for anti-EU pick’

”A record-breaking 12 per cent of French voters are believed to have spoiled their ballots – apparently refusing to vote for either of the presidential candidates. Furthermore, 25.3 per cent of those eligible to vote did not do so – a record amount since the 1969 general election.

The total number of abstentions and spoiled ballots – a whopping 12 million – beat the 10.7 million votes that Ms Le Pen won on Sunday’s vote.”

In the USA now, Trump’s key support now hate the ‘forget all my campaign promises’ Trump as much as many other people hate him

And Macron will now leave France in despair

GW: I don’t know Gideon – Really I don’t. Francoise last night shouting ”Vive Macron” with her champagne glass, and then the whole room erupting. Can’t they see? What’s going on Gideon? Well, GW you know how they are. We all love a good sing song GW – especially the Macaronis.

It’s not time to rejoice that macron won but to question why le Pen nearly did

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