Marine le Pen Wants French Equivalent Of The Bradbury Pound

Le Pen Supports State Money French Election Sunday
”If I’m reading the tea leaves right. Le Pen wants out of the European Union, despite being a member of the European Parliament. She is an anti-invasion hawk and says she will try to rescue French culture from a burgeoning immigrant population. She has pledged to get France out of the Euro, as well, and return to its historic sovereign money, the French Franc. Unlike Macron who has been well-funded by loans from the big French banks, Le Pen has not been able to get a single French bank to lend to her campaign. French banks have stonewalled her candidacy. So, why? What gives? This one little sentence in a piece by Reuters this week on the issues for each of the 11 candidates reveals why. One of Le Pen’s issues is to: “Re-establish French franc currency and make central bank answerable to French Treasury.””

Le Pen Supports State Money French Election Sunday

Editor April 22, 2017
How about the French get their country back? From the EU, from the corrupt banking system, which if you listened to this report you might fully understand and also from Islamic extremists who have caused enough damage and trouble in a country that has not only had the decency to host them but support them with social security checks and free medical care, unlike like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE who have not helped any refugees from any of the countries where they have supported, funded and armed Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi extremists who have destroyed countries like Libya and Syria. Instead they spend their money on bombing Yemen and golden escalators, chopping people’s heads off in open markets and stoning people to death, unlike the French who gave up on head chopping long ago, though they might consider returning the practice for terrorists in front of the Louvre!

T.T. April 23, 2017
Yes, yes, the corrupt banking system,the EU, NATO, so why not Jean-Luc Mélenchon…? Why does it have to be an emotional reactionary right wing populist to get the country back? Why this misdirection towards (muslim)immigrants? They’re not the cause of France’ problems. It’s neo-liberal privatization. Capitalism is eating itself. Yes i know, it became (always was?) crony capitalism/ corporatocracy/ corporate fascism but it’s the constant urge for more profit that has infected humanity/the world. Sadly it’s easier for us to blame someone else instead of our own system. If Front National is going to win, expect more police state. But maybe that’s ok, as long as it’s for immigrants (Muslims)…

But i notice you’re kind of emotional reactionary yourself. I say “fearmongering about Islam” and you start ranting about Islamic extremists and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. Yes these (western backed!) ‘governments’ who sponsor terrorists are the scum of the earth but what does that have to do with Islam? Are these countries the representers of Islam? I don’t think so! The US and Israel are also sponsoring extremists and not (hardly) accepting any refugees. Should we now start blaming Christianity or Judaism? And France had nothing to do with the destruction of Libya….. The so called Islamic extremists are nothing more than a geo-political tool. Front National wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for this fearmongering about “islamic” terrorism. We could(should!) ask ourselves, Cui bono?

Macron has ALREADY booked victory party at the Louvre DAYS before election polls end

Timmys mum
Macron obviously saw the bbc news on u tube two days ago, telling the world he has won the election. Did the bbc get the date they were advised to make the announcement mixed up with the Sheffield by election. So off he goes to celebrate his win. I’m not saying the result is fixed. But it begins to look like it. Mme Le Pens supporters are going to need to vote with a vengeance if they are to overcome the result set up by the elite royals.

Norma Stitz
Will your pal Gerry Mander be attending your Bilderberger party Macron?

The concept of ‘populism’ is an intellectual fraud and sophistry – a justification for the removal of democracy.

It implies all the people, or even most, are stupid and incapable of making a rational decision.

Isn’t such accusation just typical of the left and globalist liberalism. The naming of an attitude ‘prejudiced’ means it’s based on irrational belief.

There is nothing irrational about wanting and needing to control borders; or wanting to have a ‘nation’ to belong to which takes direct responsibility for its people; or for a people wanting self-determination as decided by a majority democratic vote.

The EU, the left, and globalist liberaism are past masters at reframing good as bad and bad as good. There are some, however, who refuse to accept their ‘definition’ according to others, and practice observing closely what ‘the emperor is wearing’. In the case of the EU and globalism, the emperor is starkly and inappropriately naked; a fraudulent clown leading people down the wrong path to bolster the power and riches of the ruling elite, especially those in Germany.

The former president Obama he wants Macron in because Obama is a Muslim himself so he doesn’t want to see closed borders .Macron counting his chickens before they hatch and planning his celebration in advance shows the arrogance of the man ,I wonder how the French will feel when Turkish migrants flood the EU and they’ll be forced to increase contributions to the EU, then their country will end up with debts and austerity like Greece, Italy ,spain Macron as been handpicked by the EU you have to ask yourself why

GW: Counting his chickens before they have hatched – Another reason NOT to vote for Macron!  The fact that Reuters is briefing against her – another reason to support her.

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