BREXIT ROW: Lord Mandelson ‘STORMS OUT’ of debate after ‘working himself into a fury’

Mandelson is in no way interested in the working people, he’s soo busy rendering favours from billionaires. The Labour Party under the Bliar Regime covertly passed regulatory control to the EU, so that Global Socialism Program could be implemented without any recourse by the British Parliament. The UNELECTED EU Bureaucrats were then free to extend their control to our courts, trade, borders & immigration, energy taxes, natural resources such as fishing rights and so it goes on. The British people were never consulted on EU free movement changes nor the right of EU nationals to claim benefits in the UK nor the EU redefining “refugee status” nor underwriting the EBC and the Euro currency. The EU doesn’t need to consult the British people anymore, the Blair-Brown regime took care of that. The EU dictators, aka EU Commission, can now rule without the consent of the people of Europe. A fundamental switch from a “Government controlled by the people” , to a “Government that controls the people”. That fundamental switch is lost on the Removers

Mandelson is the expression of everything that’s wrong with modern politics in general and the EU in particular. He was made an EU Trade Commissioner when he had absolutely zero experience of international trade. None. Not a single minute. While he was a Commissioner he was responsible for picking a fight with China that Chinese companies have NEVER forgiven him or the EU for. He has cost literally trillions of lost trade.

Now the only reason he even has a voice is he accepted the patronage (he does that a lot) of Tony Blair who appointed him to the House of Lords. That’s a stable that MUST be cleaned as soon as Brexit is completed.

Mandelson is the Poster Boy for the corruption of the 20th century and has no place in anything to do with the future. Hinduja.

Yogi Capone
The man so far up the Rothschilds a55 his name is on the bottom of his shoes, has the gall to talk about greedy businessmen. EU is a Ponzi scheme for Globalist banksters and he and his friend Tony B-Liar have been the leaders of the 5th coloumn working against UK for EU project.

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