UK Column 4 May 2017

    • The ToriCon Spinning Cycle is up to 1000 revs.  Careful or the synthetics will get permanent creases in them!
    • NI Contributions back on the ToriCon Manifesto as they think of more & more ways to strip those who have any spare cash.  Dilnott attempted to limit what people contribute to their ”care” to 35,000 PDS but this has been quickly swept away by May & Hammond.  At present Social Services can take everything a person owns to pay for their ”care” – fees are inflated for the ”haves” to subsidise the ”have nots” as well.  Shouldn’t Prince Philip experience some of this as well?
    • Council Tax Activist Ollie Pinnock placed ”on remand”.  Ollie Pinnock Southend Combat Academy.  Ollie Pinnock  Mr Pinnock is in ”remand” and as such the General Public have no news of what’s happening to him.  In other words he is in the ”bureaucratic black hole” that activists can find themselves in.  Why is not paying Council Tax considered as dangerous as say violent crime?  No information about long he will be ”on remand”.  He is not breaking windows, robbing with violence etc.  Yet Nichola Sturgeon can not pay council tax and go about her business.  See Practical Lawful Dissent for more details.
    • Theresa May vows to be Plymouth’s ‘armed forces champion’  Plymouth Herald – bulls wool Theresa May – you are full speed ahead for an EU Army behind the Blue Door.
    •  ToriCons cynically released Royal Marine Sgt Blackman ahead of Election.
    • Rolls-Royce Auditor KPMG Probed by U.K. Over Bribery Accounts – RR – 1 Billion in penalties to do with giving luxury cars etc as bribes. FF read the article. KPMG overlooked it.  Setting UK up to lose the rest of industry to US & EU. Listen to David Ellis.  We are losing ALL our manufacturing under EU Military Unification via defence procurement control based in Brussels!
    • EUSSR Full Military Unification Timeline – the 27 leaders of the EU decided to “give a new impetus” to European external security and defence.  They set as a target the December 2016 European Council to formalise an implementation plan.
    • George The Greek Trucker’s Tube Site has been shut down.  The NeoGlobalist LibTards are a’comin.
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