A huge victory for junior doctors, and patients

When Dr. Chris Day, aged 32 and with a young family, raised concerns about patient health in the hospital where he was working, he didn’t realise he was about to start a journey that would become a precedent-setting, landmark case, that has culminated in victory before the Court of Appeal today.

He didn’t know when he raised concerns about the adequacy of night staffing at the intensive care unit where he worked, that he would lose his job. And he didn’t know at first that what he’d done fell into a classic whistleblowing paradigm.

But when he sought legal advice, he found out that, as a junior doctor, there was a gap in the law – junior doctors weren’t entitled to standard, statutory whistleblowing protections.

Not one to sit back and be silent about what he saw as an injustice, Chris made his voice heard. He asked the question:

“Do you want your doctor to be able to speak openly about patient safety and resourcing without being afraid it will damage their career?

The first answer, from the public, was overwhelmingly yes. Over 4,000 people supported his quest on CrowdJustice to bring the issue before the courts, to try to achieve real, lasting and concrete change.

The second answer has come today, from the Court of Appeal, after a long legal journey, fraught with set-backs. And it is historic.

The Court has dismissed the arguments of Government agency Health Education England (HEE) that junior doctors’ careers were not included in statutory whistleblowing protection. Your support, and the support of many others, have today created real, precedent-setting change.

Read about Chris’s case today in ITV News.

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