Mr Alan Dransfield UK’s Social Watchdog On Lack Of Lightening Protection On UK Construction Sites

Cheap Justice For Vexatious Side Stepping

alan dransfield


Apr 23 at 2:38 AM

To Mark Ormerod Elizabeth Truss CC John BERCOW BRADSHAW Ben Richard Bailey AccessICOinformation and 6 more… BCC

Message body The Supreme Court and the Lord Chancellor

Dear Sirs and Madam

I wish to make a legal challenge to a current and live Court Precedent. In particular,I refer to the Upper Tribunal decision GIA/3037/2011 Dransfield V ICO. There is irrefutable evidence available that this UT Decsion has been designed by crooks to protect crooks. In particular, the unlawful protection of Pedophiles, thieves and Scoundrels. There is also evidence that the Supreme Court were complicit to cover up this serious crime via SCUK/1855/2015 Dransfield V ICO. ….more vexatious bullshit ad nauseum

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