Line for a concert shows just how brilliant British people are at queuing

So. Good. At. Queuing. (Picture: Andrew Last)

”It goes without saying that British people are great at queuing.

Whether it be spending three days outside a sports shop for a pair of Kanye West trainers, or standing for hours at a Tube station just trying to get to work, we seem to have become accustomed to doing so without argument.

But last night, Brits took queuing to a whole new level.

And luckily for us, someone was on hand to take a picture to prove it.

Yes, under 24 hours ago outside the O2, hundreds of people waited outside to get into Ed Sheeran’s sell-out gig.”

”However instead of crowding together, pushing and wiggling their way through, the 200-person strong group wordlessly formed a neat ‘S’ formation line, and waited.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Redditor Andrew Last, who took the picture, said: ‘I was at the O2 yesterday seeing Ed Sheeran, and the queue in the picture was for the standing ticket holders.

‘People were obeying the invisible lines perfectly for the couple of minutes I was watching before I snapped the picture.’

And even when the doors to the gig opened, Last said that people did not barge, instead they entered the venue in a single line.

He added: ‘No one was trying to barge in.’

After being uploaded, the post – which has had more than 5,800 comments – gained mass respect from other online users.

One said: ‘It’s like a national super power.’

Another added: ‘Is it weird I feel proud?’

Way to go, Brits!”

Line for a concert shows just how brilliant British people are at queuing

Nicola Patricia Harvey · Chief Bottle Washer at Nuthouse
It’s called manners mate. I do question ed Sheehan though.

Opeyemi Solomon · Site Supervisor at Civil engineering company
Way to go really…… nice one brits…..

Elvy Liddell · Vocal/Piano Teacher at Sussex Academy of Music (SAM)
When I was in Asia and Italy ( which was particularly bad) I missed English queuing so much.

Martin Okafor · Northern Virgina Community College
I’m always proud to be British

Susana May · Senior carer at Rowanweald Nursing and Residential Home
They should make queuing and Olympic sport lol

Sheena Archer Ne Oakman · Health Care Assistant at RUH Bath
Gosh I wish all countries were like us queuing.

Rachel Bell · Newcastle College
Have you seen queues in Japan? The Japanese are amazing at queuing, they don’t leave rubbish behind either.

Chris Smith
They do in Asia, most disrespectful race I have ever come across in some temples, disregard for keep off signs and just threw litter whilst making stupid signs for selfies.

GW: Yep the UK habit of ”leaving of rubbish about” definitely needs to be stopped and unfortunately our ”visitors” are following the UK example to the letter judging by the amount of Beer Cans and take away containers on Watford Streets; discarded clothing just left on a pavement; the used mattresses outside Watford houses and flats; and the increased fly tipping in Hertfordshire generally.

Dominika Figurska · Works at R+V Versicherung
Every German needs to see this….. 😂😂

Moises W Sanchez
I wonder what kind of people queue with such a pasion for Ed and Adele

Geneviève Heijerman-lepécuchel
It is the same in the USA where we lived 5 years.
It is not the same in our country in general : the Netherlands and be aware that also in general (exceptions exist everywhere) we do not like to be corrected! We have nevertheless also some qualities like people everywhere have good sides and less good sides.

Matthias de Boer
Be ready for this:

Bridget Wilkinson WasBailey · Colchester, Essex
Daniel Wilkinson reminds me of a Faith No More gig at Rock City. Not really.

Michael Konieczny · Business Systems Analyst at Texas Instruments
American version: STAMPEDE

Robert Gill
Hahaha… try this in spain (where I live)..
It would be a bloodbath……. surpassed only by the ‘murica black friday sales…

GW:  Stranded in Dubai Airport many years ago with 2 Jumbos’ worth of passengers in the terminal @ 10:30pm with only two Indian booking clerks to cope. Those guys were working like trojans to get people re-booked etc.  It was the Brits in the passenger throng who started sorting out the chaos.  ”Women & children over here in this queue” etc.  No Dubai-ians anywhere in sight.  In the morning at check-in, still chaos and the local on the baggage check kept disappearing to ask her colleague how she should do her job!  We only just made the flight!  Dreadful!  That was Emirates.  Never EVER again!

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