Israeli Ambassador Intimidates West Australian Masonic Court

Brendon O’Connell

Published on Aug 29, 2014
PLEASE FORGIVE THE LANGUAGE: The aprtment where I was staying was broken into. My laptop video editing machine had its power cord taken etc…I was not happy but after this video…I was never broken into again…well, at least as far as I can tell.

I stand out side the Masonic controlled District Court of Western Australia and spew forth a few home truths about who is in control of Western Australia.

I have total, first hand experience of how bad Western Australia is.

Other states have their fair share of corruption – but none are as blatant as Western Australia.

Coming soon, the giant scandal of the murder of Mite NAUMOVSKI by criminal informant Paul Nunzio STAGNO, given the “green light” by disgraced detective Carl CASSILLI.

Detective Timothy Richard PAINI failing to explain how drugs found on the plane of Jamison SANTOS went from 22kg at %80 purity to 22kg at %10 purity.Thats a nice 16kg earner for PAINI and his crew which includes detective Brandon SHORTLAND, now vice president of the West Australian police union. I heard from a good source (Tomato) that SHORTLAND was kicked out of the drug squad for frolicking naked with two hookers in the Bell Tower Pool high as a kite.

The case of SANTOS and RIZZO will be the subject of a High Court appeal on matters of “jurisdiction”. State police are routinely co-opting Federal cases involving crossing of borders. Why? Because they want to keep control of the case. Because they have stolen the drugs! They are greedy and don’t want to have to share with the feds – who are not that much better.

And people wonder why I have fled the state?…

Heather Glendinning allegedly stabbed herself 9 times and her daughters in their Port Denison home in December 2011 without any assistance.

She had just won a major legal battle and then she was murdered?  She was using the same legal advisor that Mr O’Connell was.  Hmmmm a bit of intimidation?

”She had been involved in a 4 year legal battle with her estranged husband Harley Cuzens over assets and custody of the children.”

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