Brexit BOOM for farmers: ‘MAJOR opportunity’ for food industry after leaving EU

British Strawberries such as Cambridge Reds are delicious.

”The House of Lords European Union Committee has hailed the end of the “one size fits all” approach of the much derided Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with the end of Brussels rule.

The “Brexit: agriculture” report also notes that agriculture provides Britain with an important negotiating tool for free trade agreements with the EU and other countries because it is “a net importer” of food stuffs.

It is the latest evidence that the UK could face a more prosperous future outside the EU if Brexit is handled correctly despite the continued Project Fear claims made by Removers.”

The EU pay our farmers NOT to farm – therefore we are having to import our food from the EU. We will be able grow our own food instead.

I’m buying British
Seasonal vegetables and always have .
The Spanish produce a lot of fruit and veg for the UK market but most of it is without taste.
We need home grown

Wholeheartedly agree with you Carol. I buy British whenever I can., If all British housewives did the same we would be supporting our farmers instead of those in the EU. The EU pay our farmers not to grow anything – can you believe that? How fricking stupid are we? Time for a Buy British Campaign!

GW: Well it worked when dealing with Kraft. They had to bring the Cadbury’s factory back from Poland when their sales dropped dramatically.

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