Barnier will squeeze UK until the pips squeak – Really?

”MICHEL Barnier has issued a “declaration of hostility” towards Britain after he warned Brexit talks would be not be concluded quickly or painlessly, a veteran of the Greek crisis talks has claimed.”

Is Monsignor Barnier going to use the John Lewis Glass Lemon Squeezer by any chance – which he can purchase at a ”snip” for just 8 UKPDS at any good John Lewis Store?

Or perhaps Monsignor Barnier would prefer the ”The Rack” instead.

I agree with a lot of what Varoufakis says, but he needs to remember that the UK is NOT Greece, we’re not pleading for cash handouts – but the EU is desperate for our cash. I’m not worried about there being no deal, because at the end of the day, it is Germany and France who are being awkward and when the other EU states realise how no deal will affect them, then the cat fighting at the EUSSR will really begin and we can just sit back and watch them fighting like rats in a sack …….

It’s going to be a Pantomime watching them huddle together in a Scrum down every 5 minutes to give a ‘unified’ response.

People must realise that they who are Germany are going for the jackpot for bailing out Greece and the Eastern EU takers and the UK will foot the bill, we are not stupid.  WW3 could start because of these EUSSR idiots.

We will fight them on the beaches we will fight them on the shores and Britain will never be defeated. So huff and puff as much as you like this island is made of sterner stuff and you Barnier can forget it. Here is twenty pence to call some one who cares about your view.

It’s these europrats who are on another planet.
If there are bloody noses to be handed out we will give a lot more than we take as history has proved.
Just bring it on!!!

As Long as the EU Demands that only Britain will have to fill its commitments, And Germany Refuses Britain its share of the assets – i wonder what the Rating Agencies will think when the EUSSR does not abide by its own Commitments
Merkel should be careful when Threatening to take Britain to the ICJ –
she has now made the case for Britain to take Germany to the ICJ

GW: Must say that Monsignor Barnier would perhaps look better in a cassock than in that suit he’s wearing. He doesn’t look particularly authoritative. In a cassock he could then go for the ”novelty factor” and maybe take us all by surprise.

Michael Barnier giving the Masonic ”Help” signal.  Heh Heh Heh – We’re ALL Masons now.

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