What TPTWTB Really Mean By ”Big Society”

BIG SOCIETY CHANGE AGENTS – Posted on 15th September 2015

by Mark Windows

What you will see in your local area and what is really happening behind the Green Propaganda…

If you live in any kind of urban environment your surroundings are being reengineered to appear more “cycling and pedestrian friendly”. You will see new High Density blocks of flats being built and existing council housing destroyed.

Check out all the videos linked to this post and this recent show How Social Cleansing Affects You for a complete picture of the destruction of ALL London council housing and the draconian agenda behind it. Council Estates are rebranded as “Brownfield” Sites to be obliterated despite plans which could redevelop people’s homes. All existing tenants will be removed. The new housing is not affordable to existing residents.

You will see more CCTV and the beginning of gated communities with their own Mini Tesco, Gym and the usual corporate coffee shops and watering holes. You will be told that public transport links are being improved. You are being encouraged to stay in one place. All of your City will be the same so there will be no need to travel anywhere apart from going to work and coming home. You will be given a “Community Hub” where Change Agents will be monitoring and dictating public opinion for you. The main thing you will notice first of all is that private transport and property is being restricted. Local businesses will be priced out and the appearance will be that they are being supported by the council, they are not.

This is part of a worldwide agenda to control population. The idea is to get large numbers of people into cities and have total police state control of population. This is being done all over London and in most towns and cities around the UK. It is also happening rapidly in other countries. The main thing about this “Global Action Plan” is it is being implemented with no choice but with the appearance of public participation. You will be told that your opinion counts and given surveys with leading questions such as “How much more cycling do want”. Local businesses will be told they are being consulted, they are not.

This is being implemented rapidly and the contracts will have been signed with developers already. The public consultation is a facade.

Your “Community Hub” will be run by volunteers and trained Change Agents who will be spokespersons for the new plans which will be appearing in Local Newspapers, Council Leaflets and Propaganda newspapers given away as “Community News” run by “Community Interest Groups” and Companies. These will contain fluffy things about local artists and trivial stories but amongst the waffle will be the plans being forced through, described as being improvements or “regeneration”. There will be stories promoting the new developments and the core principles of the agenda which this article outlines. What you will not see are the views of real local people. Later in this article you will see how the Climate Change agenda of Co2 and fraudulent data by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change fits in with the brainwashing, for instance every area in the UK also has its very own Climate Change Propaganda website Check out yours.

Opposition groups are infiltrated and taken over as “Community Action Groups” often the residents are encouraged to take costly court action against the proposals. The barrister or lawyer representing the opposition is in reality working for the corporate agenda. The court cases are held in private and the costs are heaped upon the opposition group which destroys the motivation to carry on. This has happened in Waltham Forest and several other boroughs, it is the way your locally elected MPs and Councillors show their support for the community.

The videos and information in this article will explain fully the goals and objectives of these draconian policies. The aim is complete control of population in high density areas with constant and total surveillance, all this is done on the back of so called Green Policies which your local council signed up for at the turn of the millenium.

You will be monitored 24 hours a day in a virtual prison surrounded by Starbucks and Corporate chainstores.

Check out this link: London Councils ban people standing in pairs. These restrictions are all part of what is described in the article and videos linked to this page. The fear mongering being inflicted to enforce this agenda is also part of the War On Terror narrative which is being used to bring in a Martial Law Police state.

The main point is that the Green Agenda is not about your welfare it is about complete control of everything with massive social cleansing and loss of all rights to Global Governance through the UN.

These videos explain how this Global Action Plan is being implemented Locally.

The U.N. Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development – Exposed

Cassa Ramona

  • World Wide Rationing & Control = Marxist Ideology
  • For instance Single Family Homes are not going to be built.

Published on Aug 30, 2016

In this video, Dan Titus of iAgenda21.com, explains what Sustainable Development (SD) is from the experts claims and offers a counter point of view. He talks about the genesis of SD and how it is fomented through crisis, artificial scarcity, and forced conservation aka, rationing. He couches his argument within the framework of two global warming bills in California and ties them directly to international influences of U.N. Agenda 21 and The U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Textbook Watford Experience!

A shop owner in Orford Road Walthamstow, now closed to traffic 10 am to 10pm gives the public essential information about the Mini Holland Scheme.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, Waltham Forest, said ”This is not just a local issue”. On TfL Gov Website the cover story of ”cycling for all” but have a look at what it says about ”mini Hollands” – it’s actually about banning cars.

Hmmm tptwtb have spent untold Billions of PDS & Man-Hours changing the road at Archway into a Right/Left choice and pedestrianised a good bit of what used to be a roundabout.

GW: Have watched this project over a long period of time and wondered what the end result would be like. It cost one beautiful big old tree centred in a small park, its life early on.  This is still a major route way out of North London though for all sorts of vehicles.

Another Good Vid  He thinks ”special change agent teams” are being sent in to a community to give the impression that they have trouble makers and deviant behaviour  in their midst.  Local events/demos are subverted so the locals think that they are under attack from various weirdos inc people turning up in pig masks; teen girls staging a fight; people completely nude walking about on the tube 2nd Link; 100’s turning up to a rave in a flat; etc.  The locals then complain and then more draconian measures are introduced??

Link Looking at Tavistock – Social Entrepreneurs being trained to Facilitate Change in an area.  UnLtd.  The Academylocality.org.  Third Sector. To achieve this change we have to have a ”common enemy” and more and more people are discovering that they are becoming ”the enemy”.

Link On Import of Outsiders to an Established Community who are rude and detached from it.  Social Cleansing.

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