Les macaronis s’EFFONDRENT dans les sondages comme le Fusilier marin Le Pen apprécie l’augmentation d’une semaine de distance du vote d’élection

53 percent of those polled at DE say Le Pen will prevail.


Macron is just an inferior version of Blair. When I look at Macron I see Blair twenty years ago. The French would be wise to think very carefully before voting for Macron.

The only thing that’s propping Macron up are his EU Cronies – Juncker & Co. The People of France know different!

It is only the media who occasionally refer to FN as neo-Nazi. They are not. I am part French and visit the country regularly; most often going to Lyon and Marseilles. In these two areas FN, particularly in the latter city, has gained considerable support, and it comes from people from all walks of life. To call those people neo-Nazi’s is to misunderstand what is currently happening in France, politically, socially and economically!

The problem we have in France is that every tv channel, every newspaper and nearly every magazine, apart from Valeurs Actuelles, is rabidly in favour of Macron. Well Macron is supported by the billionaires who own the media … so they own Macron.

Vive la France et va des enfants de la France!

Strasbourg: “la folie des grandeurs”.

The Babel Connection:
”Babylon originated as the city of Babel and quickly degenerated into idolatry. Babel is well known for its (unfinished) tower, Nimrod’s monument to the greatness of man rather than God. Today, the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg is modelled on this biblical structure, with a clear ‘unfinished’ appearance. An EU poster, known as ‘the construction site poster’, showed a painting of the partly constructed tower of Babel, with a crane in the background. It showed inverted stars above the tower (an inverted star is a witchcraft symbol) and the logo was ‘EUROPE: MANY TONGUES ONE VOICE’. This glorification of man and unification against God is precisely why God destroyed man’s efforts in Gen 11. A repeat performance is prophesied at the end of the age.”  http://www.seekingtruth.co.uk/europe.htm

Gare de Strasbourghttps://www.flickr.com/photos/loungerie/2922072999  Looks a bit ”All Seeing Eye-ish” in this photo.


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