Tony Blair MOCKED after pledging political comback

Aside from the personal disgust at this man, for all the things he WAS responsible for, there is also the matter of continuing lies. The only report to ever investigate the alleged benefits of the single market was released last year – and it completely decimates all the claims made for it’ If you have a spare 15 minutes, read at least the summary in the front, it’s more than enlightening, it shows how all these jokers have deliberately chosen to not collate data on it since it began, relying on sound bites and arbitrary, poorly conceived comparisons
‘Myth and Paradox of the Single Market’

If we could only get one of them to read it, out loud, on TV, it would end all the hyperbole.

Myth and Paradox of the Single Market
How the trade benefits of EU membership have been mis-sold

I can”t understand this ‘the will of the people may change when they see the final deal’ attitude. It is just giving the EU every reason to offer the worst possible terms in the sure and certain knowledge that spineless remainers and the undecided would vote to stay in in a second referendum. But then the remainers probably know that and that’s why they want bad terms and a second referendum. I don’t care what the terms are, if any – I just want out like the other 17.5m who voted to leave.

I don’t want to have our referendum result effectively reversed by unelected overpaid EU mandarins aided and abetted by the likes of Farron and Blair insisting on a referendum on any deal. It’s plain crazy. No nation would ever be able to leave on those bases.

Yogi Capone
Tony B-Liar The face and voice of the NWO globalist banksters that have and continue to exploit lack of democratic accountability in EU to take huge amounts of wealth from us while inflicting wage suppression, cheap labour and attempt to engineer European culture out of existence. All anyone wanted was sovereighn nation states trading in a bloc for economic advancement but that model does not suit the NWO banksters and self appointed elite.

Have you signed the petition `Cut all public funding to Tony Blair – This to include protection & expenses`

Goggle ”Tony Blair Wears Lipstick”

Dig a bit deeper and you will find he was allowed to use just his middle names for his court appearance !!!

Yogi Capone
Just like Macron, selected and put up the globalist bankster NWO and marketed by ‘tame’ media. Democracy – like our referendum and elections everywhere in EU – is their Achilles heel as the fight back has started before they could complete subvert it, and we must make sure they never do.

He likens brexit to buying a house and not knowing if the wirings ok or the roof and structure is sound and so on, he says these things because we haven’t seen it we are buying it on faith, but these things can be repaired or replaced. But he believes in a god someone he has never seen, he has no idea what size, colour or whether its a man or women in fact he knows nothing about god because he has never seen god. so how does he know that god exists apart from what he’s been told or read, he thinks god exists because he has faith in fact its a leap into the unknown. I would never take his faith away or Persaud him that god does not exist and that he should stop believing in all that nonsense, so what gives him the right to tell people that brexit will fail and we should not have faith in it. In fact Britain has proved itself many times and shown we are resilient and smart and we can overcome obstacles put in our way so as we can move forward to survive and prosper. Less blood has been shed in the name of economics, things that are physical and factual than in the name of god something that is not factual nor physical.

“He likens brexit to buying a house and not knowing if the wirings ok or the roof and structure is sound and so on, he says these things because we haven’t seen it we are buying it on faith, but these things can be repaired or replaced.”
We’ve been surveying this rotting edifice for over 40 years and we found the foundations were crumbling so we’re going to demolish it.

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