Homeless Lithuanians live in dark, squalid tunnels underneath Manchester city’s streets

Tolik and Valeriy were found asleep under blankets and duvet covers on two black leather sofas on the underpass.

“I will not live like people live on the streets,” says Tolik. “We have a sofa and bedding, it’s very comfortable.  Quite – only our UK indigenous homeless – who have often paid into our tax system already btw – have to do this so that UK can send cash to your country via the EUSSR.  Nice!

“I shower three times a week, at hostels,” he tells our interpreter, in Russian. “If we need to wash our faces we use the toilets in a garage.”

Tolik 57 a dad-of-seven never expected to end up living this way when he first arrived legally in the UK eight years ago looking for work.

He worked in his home country, which joined the EU in 2004, for 27 years and hoped to do the same in England.  How ?????? He still needs an interpreter 8 years on???? 

But after working in a factory in London he came to Manchester and was homeless within months.  “I would be able to find a job in Lithuania but I have no house and nowhere to live,” he says.  And of course Lithuania doesn’t have a National Health System & generous benefits system does it.

Valeriy, 43, was invited to the UK by a friend and worked in a chicken factory for three months.

A professional driver by trade he struggled with the language and could not find work.

He has been homeless in Manchester for eight years.

He explains that his three children, aged 13, 15 and 27, still live in Lithuania.

He said: “I don’t want to spoil their lives, if I told them they would probably come here and take me home but I don’t want to be a burden for them.  ?????  What sort of craziness is that???  He is supposed to be Head of the Household right???

what currency do they use for their drinking?

The world’s changing while all Brits have to go to work and pay benefits for immigrants who contributed nothing to the system. Brexit payback time.

Doctors, Architects, Engineers and Nurses, all imported from Lithuania to do the jobs that the British don’t want to do. All contributing and enriching our society. Can you believe that our government care about us all so much?

Are these Lithuanian people more valuable than our ex-soldiers who have to sleep in the open doorways of our big cities?

Maybe after 8 years you only speak broken english and can’t get a job because of that, you should have used those 8 years learning!

They made themselves homeless by leaving their own Country, more left wing rubbish. I live in a block of flats, at least 5 immigrants are housed here, three have been given housing in the past three weeks

Free movement of people is actually very popular. There are 1.2 million Brits living on the Continent and in Ireland. Enjoying their free movement of people rights.

1.2 million brits that are paying their own way, mainly in Spain. Yet over 3 million immigrants in this Country, so mmm I know which is worse.

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