Blair wants to ‘get his hands dirty and return to POLITICS in Brexit battle’

It’s clear that we all hate Tony Blair, for various reasons but of course the war in Iraq is one that unites us all.

Theresa May voted for war in Iraq and was a vocal supporter of the war at the time.

No love For Blair,at all but he never Destroyed The UK. The TORIES Heath and the Tyrant Thatcher did that. Heath Joined The EU and Thatcher Appeased them, all the way to our demise before she was kicked out of office in disgrace, by the Tories but TOO LATE. The damage had been done.. Maybe you are not old enough to know what they did. Or you are like other Tory fanatics you won’t believe the truth. And can’t see any wrong in the Tories. History and their Destruction of Britain’s Heavy Industries Manufacturing and Armed Forces Tells a Very Different Story, and the Truth. The Latest observations by economists say Britain was much better off under the 13 years of Labour Government. The General Public are worse off now, to the tune of 4000 p/a. Labour left a debt of 800 billion after bailing out the Tory run Banks, Immigration from the EU was vetted and not, out of Control. Since 2010 The Tories Lost Control of EU Immigration, it rocketed to 350,000+ p/a no one was vetted, and we now have a debt of 2.7 Trillion.  Even after billions worth of cuts to our armed forces, Pensions social services 138 new Taxes, and VAT at 20%, The NHS and Social services are on thier knees. As is our Infrastructure, the Economy and the value of the pound it has plummeted, even before Brexit. The Tories lost all of Britain’s credibility. They Introduced Zero Hours for workers, Increased Foreign Aid – And now they have Added a bonus to that. They Are so Ridiculous they introduced a Bedroom Tax To burden the elderly. There are more soup kitchens in Britain than some EU Eastern Block Countries, 1000 retail shops are closing a day due to Tory cuts. Some towns in the Midlands are Majority Muslim – London Suburbs the same. The Tories have encouraged Islam, and made ethic Brits 2nd class citizens. The List About their Wrecking, and Islamism of Britain Goes on and on. It will never end. The Tories have Funded 138 Islamic only schools across Britain, where no English is spoken, or taught.. And Nobody is questioning it. WHY.? One Party could have saved Britain The UKIP and Nigel Farage. But the British Public have failed to recognise that. They have Betrayed Nigel Farage. But will live to regret, they turned their backs on him, to Vote for the EU Fanatics That Couldn’t care less about the Great Britain we once enjoyed.. Or the British People – they treat them with utter contempt. The Remainers may still get their way with May giving them a 2nd vote. They vote Lib/dem and Labour. WEe stay in the EU. Brexitt will be finished. And Blair and his Wealthy Remoaners will have won.

Blair and Campbell are the architects of the influx of migrants into this country. The object was that the migrants would be grateful and would vote labour. They instigated a form of social engineering, starting with school children and the curriculum. I cannot say more as I will be moderated. I don’t believe I am saying this in my own country?

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