TeasMaid’s Soundbite Saga Part v – Ooher Missus – Cleavage & Perfume – What Next?

Kim Jong-May awkward and incredulous as journalist asks question

Peter Gunn – > thebaggistunion
” Trustworthy Theresa “

My lady pal said Lord that is too much cleavage. I was reminded that it is called a rack because it is torture to look at! Boom boom.
If Maybe said it was raining I would go outside to check.  This outfit is sometimes much worse – she has used a strategically placed scarf to make it a little easier on the eye this time.  But check the pendant – some kind of circle/spiral.  Serpent sigil? @ symbol on keyboard, GE Logo, Whirlpool, Wizard of Oz, Round without repetition, Revenge, Sophisticated symbol, The Spiral leads to OZ, Symbol of initiation, What’s up with the spiral?  Link Here

Andrew, today I’m wearing TMay perfume. Just part of the complete range of self endorsed TMay Range (eau de toilette?), includes the personal signature of Theresa May herself (describing herself in the third person). The whole aroma, in essence, ‘Poverty, Bottled’.

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