TeasMaid’s Soundbite Saga Part iii

Kim Jong-May awkward and incredulous as journalist asks question

In France there would be OUTCRY if nurses had to live off foodbanks
The UK is a sad place… everyone is voting for this prime minister? Who can’t even hold a debate, they are voting for her to negotiated their whole LIFE away?

PaulPhillips20 – > Adrian Topham
Can’t agree less. May’s vacuous statements lack any substance, though hide a subtext of some dark clouds on the horizon. E.g. The friend of small businesses will be no more come the next budget with swinging taxes on them, as income tax and NI will rise to pay for hard Brexit or any Brexit. It’s noticeable that she does not want to raise the tax on discretionary spend ie VAT but will hit compulsory taxation because she knows this exit is going cost. It will be about having a mandate to clobber the working, and strong leadership means being impervious to the pain caused. Just like North Korean leaders who see their people starving and continue with their ideological rhetoric.

Viking71 – > Peter Thomas
Setting your watch by T May’s Soundbites
Oh no! “At the third stroke the time will be right for a strong and stable government”

Kim-Jong-Il and Ruth Davidson.
Are they related?
They dress the same and the hairstyles are very similar.
As for the zombie PM I think we are watching an episode of Mission Impossible where after the votes have been counted and the Tory Titanic continues on its ship of fools course straight for the most gigantic economic iceberg that will sink Britain down to decades of shabby austerity, May stands outside Number 10 and pulls off the latex mask to reveal that she has been Nick Griffin all along.

red cannonball – > seredennis1
Tories made Brexit, Tories then made hard Brexit and now are bullshitting about needing strong and stable leadership in the national interest.

KIlling Brexit completely is in the National interest.

Dictators and demagogues are created by creating a crisis and then convincing the people who only they can solve it. Kim Jong – May is following this script exactly.

“There are complex reasons why people go to food banks,”

Not having enough money to feed yourself and your family isn’t ‘complex’, it’s a nightmare reality for a lot of people in Tory Britain. Tories don’t understand that you don’t just arrive at a food bank and queue for a parcel but need to be referred and need is assessed at referral.

Regardless of that, it’s scandalous that working people need to rely on food banks but the tories don’t mind that it’s happening on their watch.

And by the way, what’s happening with the Tory election fraud investigation? Any news?

Vote labour.

TM reminds me of Ted Heath. He was awkward contrary and aloof.

Brian Milne – > John Galt
They were terrible, awful, unbelievable but then repeat after the rest of us: May, Johnson, Davis, Fox, Fallon, Leadsom, Patel, Rudd, Hunt, Truss, Graylin, Green and that is all, shuddering as I did it, I can think of. FFS, even Blair’s disgraceful lot were not a patch on this bunch of clowns, incompetents and charlatans.

chinviet – > smudgersmith1000
No. New Labour gave us a Nirvana in comparison. This is the worst government in our history, even worse than the Cameron years. Mavis is a total disaster. Strong and stable chaos.

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