TeasMaid’s Soundbite Saga Part ii

Kim Jong-May awkward and incredulous as journalist asks question

Martin Cohen – > FreeYourMind
Dead right! Andrew Marr is becoming the robot, asking a question then allowing 5 secs for an answer before grunting interruptions and raising an arm, desperate to ask the next so he can complete his agenda in the time allowed, regardless of the interviewee’s ability to answer coherently or our understanding of the issues. Yes some use the opportunity to make speeches, that’s true but Marr’s default style currently has become boring and irritating. He’s better off interviewing actors and singers. Andrew Neil is the only one who forensically dismembers his subjects policies, often better prepared and informed than they are. He is probably the single most important political journalist in the media and should be the go to broadcaster for all those floating voters looking to make up their mind. As was said his interview with Alex Salmond was masterful and his few minutes with Gina Miller on This Week brilliant as he probes their weaknesses with ruthless efficiency.

@Narkive Forum

BecFra – > baldilocks
“weak to the strong
strong to the weak”

this how Corbyn correctly described this government.
Corbyn is incredibly strong. Look how he has stood up to these corporations like the Murdoch Press… standing up for the weakest in our Society.

In twenty years we will look back at this moment with extreme horror. Our starving health workers will be asking “Why? Why? Why?”. Our withered economy will sigh just before its last flame starts to flicker. May is the worst disaster happening now, in our time … in her lifetime?

Theresa May has shown her disdain for the “people of britain”.
Her Westminister team would prefer not to knock on any doors, and actually talk to us plebs, who know nothing.
(She’s like a bent cop who knows she has got away with it.)

Every major area of government responsibility is in complete chaos: health, education, policing, energy, environment and our national debt has doubled under the Tories. If this is strong and stable Government (which incidentally is under police investigation for multiple fraud), then I’m a Dutchman. There should be a new sound bite: “strong and table – you’re having a laugh”

dyscalculia – > Someone123
Could i also add the prison service? A dreadful, expensive, unsafe and ineffective warehousing project, the demise of which can be laid firmly at this awful governments’ door. Oh it does provide some shareholders with some profit so it can’t all be bad, can it?

mickconley – > ponott
I know this isn’t a competition, but remember Cameron’s “Let sunshine win the day” in his first conference speech? That’s got to be up there for the stupidest and most pointless award, I’ve only recently stopped vomiting from it!

She increasingly reminds me of a more dour and less humorous Mrs Thatcher. To hear her attempt a joke is like listening to a seal pup being strangled.

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