Theresa May faces fresh accusations of ‘hiding’ after Scotland rally publicly listed as child’s birthday party

I suppose it was correct in some ways. It is a party of very childish and vindictive people.

As an ordinary voter I would like to attend a meeting with Donald May. How do I find out where she will be meeting ordinary voters and not Tory Members?

Tories Are Heinous

What a great way to win floating and first time voters, by denying them the opportunity to put their concerns to a party leader visiting their local area. Hardly gives anybody with a passing interest in politics any hope that our system listens and represents the people of the country.

With a surge in voter registration over the EU referendum and a general increase in political activity in this country you would think such a ‘strong and stable’ party would have a lot to offer a new or undecided voter.

Mars in Polyester
Unable to represent herself or her own government. How can she represent this country?!

as pathetic as the hopelessly staged interview with Peston on ITV this morning. The election os far is a sham – worthy of somewhere like Belarus or one of the stans.

What’s the point of pretending that she is meeting people and knocking on doors then?
Fake leader with unstable judgement and a weak and feeble argument for going to the country.

After being seen holding hands with the Donald nothing really surprises me about this woman anymore really. She is the laughing stock of the western world: using slogans like strong and stable and displaying exactly the opposite apart from being weak and unstable she is the biggest coward that has ever been in charge in the UK.

Smokescreen and denial by the Nasty Party
Corbyn speaks to the people
May runs away from the people
Corbyn is honest
May is deceitful and devious

The Nasty party getting Nastier

Strong and stable? I think a local poet had a more apt description of the Maybot.

Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!
Thou need na start awa sae hasty,
Wi’ bickering brattle!
I wad be laith to rin an’ chase thee,
Wi’ murd’ring pattle!

They’re running scared, and the more mad Maggie mark 2 Mayhem listens to the vile Lynton Crosby the better it will be for Corbyn, she’s getting f@@@@@ now, tired and tired with only soundbites to save her. She’ll be handing in her notice on 9 June.

C’mon Jeremy – promise to refer Blair to the ICC in the Hague. Promise to ban foreign/non-dom ownership of UK Newspapers. Richard Desmond might even support that as he’d get rid of Lebedev, Murdoch, The Barclays and Lord Rothermere in one hit.

I’m afraid that Boris Johnson, Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt make Corbyn look like Albert Schweitzer.  Aw Bless.

I’m not a LibDem voter, but I’m surprised their support is actually dropping. They are explicitly anti-Brexit and that’s at least 48% and growing.
Can anyone explain?

It’s all too easy
I’ll explain the split on the question of
“In HINDSIGHT do you wish we’d voted to stay in the EU” 45% (Remain), 43% (Leave), 12% (Don’t know)

Re-examination of the 45% (Remain in HINDSIGHT)

10% – fanatic Remainiacs (LibDem)
35% – completely fed up with the ongoing nonsense about “do-overs” and staying and wished in HINDSIGHT we’d voted Remain so we didn’t have to listen to Gina Miller, Tony Blair and the likes trying to overturn the decision we made.  And if the Electorate do chuck the Tories out, then Miller & Bliar will take all the credit!

I note May could not manage to keep to Andrew Marr’s request for no sound bites. She managed about 30 seconds before the usual started out. He should have offered her a “flannel”.

The Sweeney

“Oy! You’re nicked slag”

GW:  Pathetic.  Must be worried about voters actually turning up to ask questions!

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