Why should I not vote Conservative? Tory policies you shouldn’t forget in the 2017 general election

1. The Bedroom Tax
2. Denying disability benefit to 165,000 people
3. Scrapping housing benefit for 18-21 year olds
4. The benefit cap
5. Massive hikes to tuition fees
6. Junior doctors’ contracts
7. School cuts & increase in class sizes
8. £30-a-week cuts to the sick
9. Legal aid cuts
10. Making rape victims prove their ordeal
11. Calling £450,000 homes ‘affordable’
12. Scrapping the Human Rights Act
13. Scrapping nurses’ bursaries
14. Trying to bring back fox hunting
15. Snooping on all your texts, e-mails and browsing records
16. The great crackdown on unions
17. Zero Hour Contracts
18. Election Fraud – 20 MPs under investigation
19. Scrapping child poverty targets
20. Trying to impose fees for court cases
21. Cutting inheritance tax for the rich
22. Amount of money wasted on pet projects e.g. Free Schools; Garden Bridge; HS2; etc
23. Health & Social Welfare Bill 2012 – which opened up NHS for privatisation
24. Social care cuts
25. Foreign Policy in Syria & towards Russia

?????? Who can that be at this hour Gideon? It’s Mr NLAT GW. What does he want? He says he has something to add to that list of reasons not to vote ToriCon. Right Gideon. Tell him to send it through.

26. Gov Ministers get 117.92 PDS/HR while Paramedics are paid just 12.35 PDS/HR

Wow NLAT – the best reason of the lot!

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