Theresa May accused of ‘hiding from the public’ as she surrounds herself with Tories in election campaign

Staff member says local people were excluded from campaign speech at Leeds centre that helps former prisoners hours

She did a disappearing act during brexit too, then she was parachuted in to lead brexit. She flip flops more than Trump. She wants to dismantle the NHS, she wants more food banks, she wants to hit the working class, she wants to raise VAT, take away pensions, take away tax credits, take away disability payments, while protecting the rich and wealthy. When Osborne said that the worst off will pay for brexit, he wasn’t kidding. The only reason it didn’t happen was because the tories didn’t have the majority to do it. With a big majority, they know they have 5 years to make sure that the working class bear the brunt of brexit the same way they made them pay for the bank crash while the multi millionaires got tax breaks and were allowed to shovel their money away in off shore accounts.

TELEGRAPH – Tories ‘drop Conservative name in the north of England to capalise on popularity of Theresa May’
”The Conservatives appear to have dropped the party’s name in the north of England in a bid to capitalise on Theresa May’s soaring personal popularity ratings.

The Prime Minister went to Leeds on Thursday evening for a rally in a seat held at the last election by Labour MP Richard Burgon with a 12,533 majority.

At the event Mrs May spoke in front of a huge sign saying “Theresa May: Strong, Stable Leadership In The National Interest”.

At the Shine Centre In Leeds on April 27 Conservative signs promote the values of Theresa May..


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Concerns are increasing for Theresa May’s health – and her fitness for office – after she appears to forget where she was during a TV interview.

Mrs May was in Clay Cross – in yet another empty factory – but as she talked to the interviewer it was immediately clear she didn’t know where she was:

A cardinal rule of campaigning is to know where you are and name-check it in any interviews or speeches. May remembered the latter half of the rule – but couldn’t complete the first:

I’m pleased to come to… er… this particular town…

It’s not only a gross insult to the people of Clay Cross but a cause for concern. Theresa May completely fell apart – and fell over her own words – during PMQs when challenged by the SNP’s Angus Robertson about the pensions ‘triple lock’ and many have commented that she looks ill.
#WeakandWobbly May forgets where she is. Literally.

GW:  Turning out just like Killary.

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