London Garden BridgeGate Part ix

Should Osborne launch an Evening Standard investigation into where the bridge millions went what better place for his journalists to start than in some of his friends’ back pockets?

history doctor – > pruneau
Maybe he could get them to find out which Chancellor of the Exchequer coughed up the public’s cash with such wild abandon?

Chris Slade
Labour need to use this as leverage against the Tories at the upcoming election. This is as bad as the sleaze that finally saw off John Major’s government.

YouCanClaimThat – > Chris Slade
It’s worse. The only real sleaze then was Aitken who was corrupt. The others just couldn’t keep their dicks in their necks.

Add the £37.5m onto the end of this, if it ever stops…

Rendel Harris hapgood
Don’t! I have recurring nightmares of some future (probably Tory) government allowing developers to build platforms over the Thames on which to build high-end apartments until it’s completely submerged like the Fleet and the Tyburn. A dystopian fantasy, perhaps…then I walk down the Thames and find how much access to the riverside is already cut off by exclusive developments and I really do wonder…

acme – > Rendel Harris
A lot of that is down to Johnson too. The developments are so ugly and so greedy -like the Conservatives.

Anyone remember ‘Boris Island’ the airport that never was… or ‘Northern powerhouse’…. or the Liverpool to Hull east-west fast rail link ?

Consultants are NEVER going to hand back a single penny – and why should they? the joke is that the politicians who cost the country billions get away scot free. I give you Cameron as an example.

Tom Price – > lapinrouge
HS2 contract. Offshore account.

At last Khan has actually done something of use. The corruption should be investigated particularly with TFL whose staff patently benefited from all of this by getting high profile jobs at Arup.

It might be a good idea to pull all the luxury flats Johnson has allowed going above the heads of planning authorities and local residents ….and finally nail all those local councillors who are up to their necks in backhanders

Dumb_Waiter – > bouquet
One person from TfL

Tony Weston
No, Oliver Wainwright…

You are so wrong.

‘Public money’….bah. Though you are well meaning, person of the left, the idea that the money was ‘public money’ is a misnoma. The government created the money….. just in the very same way it does for everything else. Health. Education. War. It was created out of thin air…. and by creating it is provided £37 million pounds of economic stimulus. It was a bad idea. it didn’t work out. However, many people got paid, many jobs were created.

The idea it has to be paid back……. , well when the money was created from nothing in the first place, why should it be paid back?….. whats pulling £37m out the local economy gonna do to it?

*sigh* learn some economics… before going on a rant. Why are we paying for it then and running up a huge deficit?

GW: Bradbury Pound is debt free money.

Sadiq Khan should now chase Gormless Lumley, Buffoon Boris and Gimcrack Gideon for the return of the tax payers money they have squandered. What a bunch of tossers their only interest was their own egotistical opinions. They were like the three stooges the only difference is the three stooges were more intelligent.

GuyFawkesForPM – > YouCanClaimThat
Lumley enjoyed a few business class trips to the US on ‘fact finding missions’ at our expense. Bit of a smoking finger in the till…

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