London Garden BridgeGate Part xii

countywide – > Gazelle91
retreat, of the luvvies, Lumley, Osborne, Johnson, what’s not to like .
Now we need people to realise the CON that s going on with May and her Hitlerite performance and her own Crosby her Goebbels. You will end up with an ultra right elected dictatorship, are YOU sure this is what YOU or your country needs.

As Will Hurst – who should be receiving an award said “How could TfL a public body which spends billions, avoid procurement procedures and destroy documents because the Mayor wanted this project? “

Arup has benefited to the tune of 8 million pounds,

Heatherwick has befitted to the tune of 2.6 million pounds.

listen to Will Hurst on LBC
then wonder how long it will take for the police to be involved.

Boris Johnson is living proof of the damage the pernicious class system and its elite public school engine has done to this country.

And please no-one spout any guff about the number of public school boys who have held high office, or who have been captains of industry or invented this or that. How much more could we have don had the mass of the population had the same opportunities? We might have avoided our perennially shocking record of industrial management for one thing.

Water canons which have never been deployed, and now this….just how much of our hard earned taxes has Boris wasted?

ruthmayjellings – blugirl
And Johnson has still never put himself in front of one of his water cannons. Too late now as Mayor Khan has flogged them on e bay.

There’s so much corruption in London property, its endemic: ex planning officers, ex Cllrs, working for off shore companies with no addresses, back-end deals, envelops, from Canning Town to Kensington. From big to small, its one big money laundry. The Garden Bridge is one of many, why don’t the police have a good look, because it’s acceptable that’s why ... There’s billions sloshing around and from gangsters to planners, it’s one big greed fest, more mocked when money than when t’s drugs. And don’t be shocked with the bling buildings, when the Chinese towers sit empty, your local Councils were bought off, the people from social housing thrown out, you were there…

“Launched as a privately sponsored gift to the city, Joanna Lumley’s “tiara for the Thames” had soon gobbled up £60m of public cash”

“both Dedring and de Cani now enjoy senior positions at Arup, where most of the £37.4m of public funding spent to date has been funnelled; ”

There is quite a big difference between 60 million and 37 million. Isn’t there? Or am I missing something?

Isabel Dedring, and Transport for London’s director of planning, Richard de Cani, saw to it that the choice of Lumley’s team of Thomas Heatherwick and engineering giant Arup was a foregone conclusion. The team was allowed to revise their bid while their competitors were not, the scoring was found to be irregular, while de Cani admitted that he alone judged the bids.

It’s not just Bozo the bullshitter. We are collapsing into a morally defunct, corrupt state that is prey to every chisseller, con-artist, ally sloper, snakeoil promoter going. This is no victory- someone has walked off with £60 mill+ and do you think we’ll ever see it again? Oh well, musn’t grumble, back to the food bank.

geraldinemitchell – > Eastonian
It can sit gathering dust in the basement with the water cannons, the saudi mono rail, all the windows that had to be replaced in the buses whose air conditioning didn’t work etc etc.
Wasn’t Johnson busy with our money? And managed it while only turning up 4 days a week, as he wrote his poorly reviewed Churchill book on Fridays.

Thirty-seven million (£37m) of your and my money down a black hole, never to be seen again. Nor, of course, will Borisconi ever be called to account for this.
This while parents are asked to pay for loo rolls, teachers being dismissed and kids packed in 40+ classrooms, all in the name of Borisconi’s party’s ‘austerity’ demand.
But wait, those brexit 350m-week are coming, yeah!!!
Sinister C L O W N !

GW:  Phshert!  Boris had nothing to do with why Brexit happened.  You think he is so popular that we would all vote like that because HE said so???????

On the one hand I’m so glad this sorry pile of camel doo has been put to rest. However, someone’s corrupt as …… And if it has swallowed £60 million of public money why stop at getting back £37 million?

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