London Garden BridgeGate Part xi

Simon Atkinson
Can someone put “Where’s our £37million?” on the side of a big red bus and follow Johnson as he campaigns.

YouCanClaimThat – > richardbj
He should face what Shirley Porter faced at least.

If only the rack was still in use we could have stretched Johnson, put flowers in his orifices and used him as a public footpath across the Thames. Ah, those were the days !

Camila Batmanghelidjh saw off £48m I think rather than £37 and has paid some kind of price.
However, like her or not, at least some of that money does seem to have reached some kids and real people.
Hard to see why Johnson should get off any lighter.

And Johnson is now Foreign Secretary.

prune – > hoddle1
The greater the incompetence and deceit the higher you rise in the Tory party structure.
(cf. Cameron and his last Home Secretary.)

This was a bigger smash and grab raid than the Hatton Garden job, less chance of getting the money back.

And this, important as it is, is merely a sample of the capacity for damage Johnson brings to the post of Foreign Secretary.
If “firm, stable leadership” has the slightest iota of meaning Johnson has to go.
Wouldn’t you agree, Prime Minister ?

BarrieJ – > pruneau
His appointment, May’s confidence in him and every day in post is a measure of the Prime Minister’s utter contempt for the British electorate.
Then there’s Fox, Hammond, Hunt, Rudd, Fallon, etc., etc.
Surely the most mediocre administration in our history.

Boris popular in London?
I think not.
Anything good he took credit for -the Olympics/the Bikes-were Ken Livingstone’s
Boris scraped in the second time on the lowest Mayoral Election turn out.
Voted in mostly by Greater Londoners zones 4-6.
True Blue Tory constituencies, who have as much in common with Inner Londoners
as Cornwall quite frankly.

Sadiq Khan didn’t win by a landslide for nothing. We were sick of Boris Johnson and his lies
Khan backs Corbyn because he knows London is Labour mostly and coming soon after
Corbyn’s Leadership first win (before the MSM/PLP were savaging him-see academic studies for proof) it helped his Election turn out.

Everything he touched other than the land he flogged off to foreign ‘investors’ turned sour.
Many Londoners are still wondering whether his lies over the cretinous Garden Bridge will be accountable for. The Buses and Cable cars are already a financial disaster.

As for his populist sabre-rattling:
It will take some time before Boris’s foreign policies manage to harm and send as many people to early deaths as his London Mayoralty did.

9,000 a year early deaths/East end children 10% smaller lungs aged 12 due to pollution and more poor families moved out of London under Boris’s Mayoralty than the Blitz!

London overtook New York and became the largest foreign drug money laundering capital in the World under his Mayoralty.

An ‘offshore’ pimp which is what Phillip Hammond has already threatened us more with post-EU

Never mind recovering the money, this smacks of fraud and the miscreants who have ended up working for Arups should face a judge.

hundred hander – > TheStraker
It all sounds as corrupt as buggery to me judging by the procurement and a disgraceful waste of taxpayer’s money, much needed for essential things.

I look forward to Inspector Knacker (thank you Private Eye) getting involved at some stage soon.

Excellent news. Taxpayers are already being taken to the cleaners with the scandalous Olympic stadium deal, without this indulgent white elephant. Now there should be an inquiry into where all the money already spent has gone.

BarrieJ – > gary white
My son briefly worked at the Foreign Office, he left, feeling so frustrated at the money wasting, time wasting and general incompetence that he feared he might kill someone.
Three others left the same week.
Are any other offices of state different?

De Pfeffel once again showing his ability to waste public money, enrage many, burn bridges and then what do they go and do with him? ….They make him Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

He’s a modern day Ignatius j Reilly, but without all the good bits.

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