London Garden BridgeGate Part vii

Great! Can we move on to stopping the Houses of Parliament refurb a similarly costly Mickey take.

KevWood – > Jack Tigerpaw
It’s definitely worth a look in detail – it doesn’t get particularly less suspicious when the specifics are listed…

I’ll quote two interesting parts:

Of the £36.4m received, the total cost of public funding spent so far is just under £36m. This excludes £1.3m of liability. This was a figure allocated for costs incurred if the project was stopped for any reason

So firstly – is that in the form of a liability / indemnity shield? Was it actually spent or just allocated?
Secondly – if it is insurance, can it be claimed to recover costs? If it isn’t – how is 1.3m of liability covering a project that costs 37m in the pre planning stages?

(2) Quoting a quote in the article: “I was involved in a £125m project and the absolute maximum that we were allowed to spend before virtually everything was signed off (land, planning, funding, internal approvals, etc.) was £8m. And that wasn’t an organisation known for its financial restraint.”

I’ve worked on similar (smaller) projects where such restraints are put in place, so this sounds a valid query to make.

It’s wonderful to read Joanna Lumley’s comments elsewhere in the paper today and have all one suspicions confirmed about the chummy arrogance of a ruling class that believes rules don’t apply to them.

““The negativity troubles me in my heart. I hope we’re not turning into the sort of country that instantly says no before it considers saying yes,” she said. “A nation that just pulls the shutters down. ”

Lumley asserts, entirely withoutevidence that “The silent majority still love the bridge, but of course they were not asked what they think.” To be fair though she’s right that they’ve never been asked what they think-it would be much harder to wave through the Lumley Johnson boondoggle if they were.

My favourite bit is this: “Lumley told the Times the project had been politicised. “There was so much negativity about this £60m of public money,” she said. “All we heard was £60m, £60m, £60m. But . . . it’ll work out at about 32p a person in the UK. It’s not as if we’re stealing bread from people.””

Why everyone in the Uk should be subsiding the wealthiest part of london is unclear. For many associated with the bridge £60 million isn’t a vast sum-but they and the Garden Bridge Trust have ensured that the public pay first -and they’ve managed to spend 40 million of the 60 with nothing to show for it. Would be nice to know whose pockets it’s filled. Did Lumley an associate of the Heatherwick studios receive any?

AlmostDone – > acme
I have always been against criticising actors just because they have an opinion, but in this case I have to agree with you.
Actually, Londoners – via – have been campaigning against the garden bridge, so in a way they have been asked and replied “no, thanks”.

According to this silly woman, the rest of the UK should subsidise a project that even Londoners don’t want to pay for!  The money is badly needed for housing and services, and we have more than enough bridges and parks. That she doesn’t understand this, is frankly astonishing.

Ah chumbo lumbo, remember all the trouble she caused getting retired ghurkas uk passports

The wrinkly should have stayed in the backroom of Oddbins amongst the Bolly and Stolly

For Bojo chickens are indeed coming home to roost.

AverageBloke – > bromeliad
Now I understand why the normally mild mannered Chris Mullin, in his diaries as a MP, said he could cheerfully throttle Lumley.
”We’re standing outside the Palace of Westminster, hoping that 62-year-old Mullin, who was Labour MP for Sunderland South for 24 years”

Maybe this has been said already but if the bridge plans had gone ahead then they would have included chopping down many lovely old trees along the south bank side. So much for loving nature and urban greenery Joanna?

ASLEF shrugged – > basilcattwells
32 mature trees in total, mostly on the South Bank but also around Temple station

aussieinasia – > ASLEFshrugged
Agggghhhhh … WTF… had you all gone mad in London ?

ASLEF shrugged – > aussieinasia
We had a temporary lapse of sanity in 2008 and 2012 when we elected an upper class Tory arse as Mayor but we seem to regained our senses by electing a proper London boy last year (1). That’s why this sorry little scheme is being scrapped and the trees left unmolested.

(1) Well, South London, which isn’t really London, proper London is north of the river but it’s an marked improvement.

How many children’s summer holiday meals would £60m buy?

RandolphHearst – > MummyQB
About 4 if boris was anywhere near the bidding process.

ASLEF shrugged – > MummyQB
The £30m from TfL would have paid for step free access at six stations that Boris cancelled in 2009 after TfL had already spent £20m on preparatory work.

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