London Garden BridgeGate Part x

Plenty of remonstrating in the comments section bang them up, it’s a scandal, should never be allowed to happen. Well, quite. The problem is there’s nearly 500 people agree with that but we’re still staring at Tory landslide.

£37m is probably just the tip of the iceberg. What about that IT system for the NHS that similarly run up a spend of approximately the same as the annual US ‘defence’ budget before someone simply said ‘stop, it’s rubbish’. But no-one had to say sorry.

It’s happening in America. Many Americans hate Trump, had his ideology (if you can attribute such a lofty ambition to him) yet millions more think he’s great – despite every evidence to the contrary. He hasnt followed up on any of his pre election promises, yet…people still think he’s ‘doing good Mr President’

What the hell is going on? Why is no-one held to account for anything anymore? Brexit lies. Doesn’t matter, the people have voted. Wait – would it matter if the people voted the way they did because of the lies? Yes it fucking would.

I won’t call a general election. Ooops – here, have a general election. I made a fucking mess of the referendum – bye everybody, thanks for having me…what’s that? What mess? I told you all masses of lies – Ooo a nice position as the Foreign Secretary.

We must invade there’s chemical weapons. Did I say weapons, I meant he’s dropping the dollar. Assad gases his victims – hang on didn’t that happen a day before the peace talks the last time round. Putin’s pressuring Europe. Damn straight he is, he’s got missiles on his doorstep with the US of A plastered all over them. Americas upset with where Iranian and Chinese boats are. They’re a) in Iran’s waters and b) In Chinese waters – why are your boats there?

Global ‘terror’. NHS is buggered. Two thirds of the Great Barrier Reef is buggered. The seas are full of plastic. Animals are going extinct. Geopoltical frigging manoeuvring like it’s Risk but bigger. it’s getting on my tits. But, it is the weekend and no doubt tomorrow there will be a calming article on the benefits of quinoa as well as that most necessary “Whats going up, and whats going down”. Up this week – growing a beard on your nipples. Down, eating celery in an open plan office. Rejoice mankind. Love to your respective families.

maces – > Sven Storm
Heatherwick and Arup both made millions of the taxpayer, ensured by public officials who turn out to be hand in glove with these people and have gone on to secure nice little jobs with them. This is a real public scandal, but where is the court action forcing them to be accountable to the public they have fleeced?

Mick Readdin
The cost of this is nothing, compared to the losses in MoD land sold off over the past few years. Another under reported scandal!

acme – > Mick Readdin
There was a very good piece in the Guardian the other day. The link between Guy Hands, Boris Johnson, George Osborne? Oxford University– need to improve the ethics training- too many of your alumni don’t know the difference between right and wrong

rightwinggit – > Mick Readdin
Or aircraft carriers that don’t even come with steam catapults (a technology invented in Britain).

The salary of an experienced nurse for over a thousand years. Pissed up the wall by Boris and his ripping chums.

strong and stable govt!!!!!!

Well done to Sadiq Khan and all you Londoners. As I’ve said before, I’ve followed this mad idea from its inception and couldn’t believe that it had got this far. I said I’d stand and salute all you Londoners if this lunacy was scrapped, here you go:


Ah, you get the idea there.

But now the public funds have been withdrawn, you can guarantee the remaining private ones will disappear and the likes of Lumley and Johnson will start to distance themselves from this criminal waste of resources, even though it was Lumley’s initial idea that her good friend Boris championed, and their equally good friend Heatherwank was “chosen” to design. They’re probably already making up their excuses. I can smell that bullshit already.

There should be an investigation and that money should be recovered from those whose pockets it’s lined.

But again, well done to you Londoners! o7

YouCanClaimThat – > ARCCOS
Parliament’s website, I think, allows petitions:

This is the same old story. Every time any area of the public sector is subjected to the slightest scrutiny the usual litany of waste and corruption lies just beneath the surface. We are told we must pay more and more in taxes and the only thing we get more of in return is more waste and corruption. The politicians, Lords, public sector fat cats and all the other freeloaders are getting richer and richer on this and most of us are getting poorer. The only thing we can do is to pay as little as possible into this corrupt system, apart from that we are powerless.

Warily – > Simon123
This was a private sector vanity project that pretty much stole public funding money.

Simon123 – > Waraila
Precisely. That is what they do. Shift our money into private hands. It is the public sector people who did the shifting who need to be held to account. The trouble is that they are all so bent that there is no one who could be trusted to “investigate” this from the world of politics, police etc. These public sector gangsters are ripping us off with no fear whatsoever of being held to account. Can you think of anyone you would trust to investigate this?

That other white elephant at Hinkley Point should be the next for the chop. It’s another project on which millions were been spent before the deal was signed.
And now looks as though Hinkley is on the brinkley.

If we’re lucky, the Torys will go bankrupt and into receivership under the name ‘The Labour Party’ before any of their mad bunfight schemes and their Brexit bankrupts the rest of us.

BarrieJ – > Mick Readdin
Bernie Ecclestone spoke of dealing with New Labour as boy scouts compared to the Tories as career criminals.

as a civil engineer i really want arup to be investigated and prosecuted for what sounds like blatant corruption

They were shown severe favouritism in a bid for something which should never have received approval and then they gave the sole person judging the bid a high paying role

its staggering they they’ve been allowed to get away with this and brings our entire profession in to disrepute.

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