London Garden BridgeGate Part vi

While we’re here, can we PLEASE have the eyesore that is the ArcelorMittal Orbit pulled down? Stratford’s grim enough as it is and that weird mess looks like a Northern Irish police observation post that’s been in a fire; it needs to go.

Suppressed – > crystaltips2
I was going to say where are the IRA when you need a London building removed but by your description it sounds like it already looks as if it’s had that treatment

I usually have a senior moment when the subject of this bridge comes up. In a period of living on borrowed money – how on Earth do such projects get approved? High speed train lines is another nonsense, where’s the increased tax revenue going to come from to pay for it? Everywhere I look, up and down the country, councils seem to be spending cash like there is no tomorrow – but on replacing road junctions which weren’t that much of a problem. “Pedestrianising” streets: tarmac that is in good condition and laid not that long ago, being ripped up and replaced with millions of presumably expensive granite blocks. Surely such projects could have waited a few years?

A new children’s play area. Great. except the minor detail of not being fenced off from the adjacent road. Oh, and having sexy curving walls made of railway sleepers – running along a paved path. Don’t these designers have children? Surely the au pair doesn’t have them 24 x 7? Rant over. Well, I have only got 3 hours sleep in the last 36. Who would be a carer?

JonathanLamb86 – > SusanBGood
Who would be a carer?

Not people who could get paid 10 times the salary for sitting around in meetings and champagne luncheons discussing the best ways to hoodwink the taxpayer and local authorities into permitting construction of a bridge, I guess.

bonnellio – > SusanBGood
Try visiting Norwich, the council throws away money on road schemes like a man with no hands. A cycle path that couldn’t be done properly because of tree roots needing to be dug out by hand making the scheme too expensive. Nonsensical pedestrianisation,leaving roads open to public transport and cyclists, where I have seen pedestrians and cyclists go into each other. Traffic rerouted so that that there are huge tailbacks which must be adding to air pollution

GW: Not just Norwich. Step forward Fiberal Lemmingprat run Watford Borough Council.

just a sideline issue but Joanna Lumley is 70 and Boris Johnson is 52 so how come they’re “childhood chums”?

dargie – > alanrusbriger
They’re both in their “second childhoods?”

AshleyMcWhite – > alanrusbriger
maybe she babysat him and played with his little “toy” ???

mcscotty – > SpoiltChild
London deserves world-class facilities and monuments, but I greatly resent the money burned on this “project” at a time when small museums, galleries, libraries and parks have been closing all over the country in the name of austerity.

37 million gone. In a puff of Johnson’s smoke. “It feels like we’re trying to pull off a big crime.” – designer Thomas Heatherwick. And why, Boris Johnson was not really clear what [the Garden bridge] was for,” but did call it “a wonderful environment for a crafty cigarette or a romantic assignation.” Perfect for him then. There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.

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