London Garden BridgeGate Part v

Where has the £37 million for this ‘white elephant’ come from ???
If from the tax payers – please may we have our money refunded.
Glad some one has seen sense to get the idea scrapped.

ASLEF shrugged – > wimbledon22
£30m from TfL courtesy of Boris
£30m from the Dept. for Transport courtesy of Osborne.

Everyone is waxing lyrical about Boris J.

What about the swivel headed ferret George Osborne? He was the big Cha of the Exch signing off the money. Shouldn’t he be boiled in oil along with Boris?

mikedow – > buckstone
This dish is an olla podrida.

“chumocracy” I guess that’s what in other, more honest countries, they call corruption.

emma linnery
Boris treated the bridge like his mayoral intern remember not only did he give his female friend the position without having it open to tender as he was told is or was required, soon after she is in the intern position he got her pregnant.

”The three-year-old child, referred to in court as AAA, is the mayor of London’s illegitimate daughter with his former mistress, art consultant Helen Macintyre. He had hired Ms Macintyre, without advertising the post, to work unpaid for him in City Hall in her early stages of pregnancy.”

If Joe Bloggs robbed a bank of a figure much less than this he would get 10 to 15 years in jail. The arrogant BJ has spent this week justifying his false claims of £350 million every week to the NHS plus denigrating Corbyn & Khan, men who are far more honourable & trustworthy than this lazy arsehole. This Tory government believe all they have to do is rabbit inane mantras & try to ridicule & belittle their opposition. Just like every other government throughout history eventually this crowd will be known for what they are……..I only hope they are sussed for this general election, although I doubt it. On Question Time last night the expenses fraud investigation wasn’t even mentioned but the regular poisonous closing question ridiculing Corbyn happened as usual. Eventually the public won’t be taken for fools. The lunatics have control of the asylum now, but it will not always be so!

“Arup, where most of the £37.4m of public funding spent to date has been funnelled”

I thought most of the money had gone to the JV contractor? Any chance the Guardian could clarify this. It’s quite an important point.

JointVenture by Bouygues & TP-Cimolai chosen for £175m Garden Bridge

Mervyn Davies – Garden Bridge Trustee

Johnson & Osbourne, Lumley & Heatherwick …2 pairings…all mates...cooked up this naff and swindling idea together… and along with a blatant illegal procurement took £40m of the public purse to the cleaners.
The Garden Bridge Trust have hoovered up and squandered this £40m of tax payers money supported by their talcum powdered trustee Mervyn Davies.
They should all be fully and roundly investigated.
They should pay this £40m back to the tax payer out of their own pockets
No-body wanted the juggernaut private mostly concrete bridge anyway…a ridiculous concept and embarrassing design. Good riddance Heatherwick.

Martinred123 – > 000a000
Garden Bridge accounts here:
Much has been spent on up front payments to a contractor. This should now be returned.

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