London BridgeGate Part xiii – Finale

i am totally fed up of the horseshit about cutting benefits to low and middle earners and crapping on the majority of people that, if we were honest, are probably just trying to bring up their family as best they can, secure some sort of future and perhaps enjoy a beer with their friends.

At the same time we have consecutive governments who just piss money up the wall like no tomorrow – PFI, more and more levels of management, outsourcing, many examples of privatisation, wretched elections for police commissions ffs, just for starters. I used to think that the purpose of government was to run the country, try to make and keep everyone happy, but it seems that for decades no one has been able to make a sensible decision or even draw up a reasonable priority list of what needs to be done.

Tools. I am almost developing a conflict about the purpose of tax.

BarrieJ – > MZH20
Well I doubt more than a dozen politicians in the last thirty eight years has been there to serve society, they’re there to serve themselves, irrespective of the pretended colour of their politics.
Left and Right, Blair and Thatcher, wings of the same bird.

And for anyone interested – the Daily Mail is reporting that Joanna Lumley, that woman that likes foreigners, was responsible for the bridge.

Even Goebbels would have struggled to spin that. What a horrible little one party state we are becoming.

When Conservatives had a shred of integrity ie back in the 50s, a minister would have resigned after a scandal like this.

Make of this what you will:

Thirteen consultancies bid for this role, with Arup winning in July 2013. Arup had already been working with Heatherwick Studio, but they were placed only 7th in the initial tender evaluation due to the level of their fee. Despite this, they were included among 5 bidders shortlisted for further consideration. Of those, Arup were the only bidder contacted specifically and asked to revise their charges, which they did before then being appointed.

Elsewhere in Hodge’s report, she notes that the key official most directly responsible for both procurement decisions had come from Arup to Transport for London, and subsequently returned to Arup in 2016.


Logo @ the Folly Site

acme – > ID7740541
There are some interesting links between the chair of the Bridge and property developers on the North side of the Thames -check the excellent Folly for London website for details

No different from African tinpot dictators in spending whatever it takes to satisfy every whim. At a time of austerity and suffering it is even more ridiculous!

I’ve said before that Boris Johnson must be made personally responsible for this white elephant vanity project. In a time of austerity cutbacks, the nasty buffoon that is Boris Johnson wasted huge amounts of public funding on this stupid vanity project to try and boost his public image. It was clear a very long time ago that the cost of building this “garden bridge” was a ridiculous amount of money to create very little urban green space. Far more urban green space could have been created and maintained for far less money. But then Johnson wasn’t interested in the practicalities or value for money, he wanted a big high profile project for self PR.

The blame lies firmly with former mayor Boris Johnson, the one actor in this sorry saga who refused to comply with Margaret Hodge’s recent inquiry into the project. Her investigation found multiple failings from the start, from the Garden Bridge Trust’s shaky business case (which put a lot of faith in the lucrative potential of selling T-shirts and pens), to a tendering process that was “not open, fair or competitive”, to confusion as to what the project was even for, concluding that the bridge should be scrapped before it burned through any more cash. And it all comes back to Boris.

As Boris Johnson abused his public office to push this through and ignored all the sensible advice about caution over this project he should be made personally liable for the public money wasted on this white elephant, which was always bound to fail.
Can you imagine if it had been a Labour Mayor that had pursued this vanity project and wasted this amount of public money. The Tories and the Tory Press would have been making a huge meal of this in the general election campaign? But because it’s a teflon Tory that was responsible we can expect to hear very little about Johnson’s responsibility for this massive waster of public money in the wider media. In other words most of the public will never get to know how Johnson wasted huge amounts of public money for nothing, or rather trying to boost his public image.

To be honest(which is a rather quaint expression when talking about the waste of Taxpayers money) this is a drop in the ocean when compared with PFI contacts.

You didn’t ask the important question.

It is a joint funding project, with both public and private investment. SO why is it that every penny spent so far has been public money?

Start there, then send boris and his mate Heatherwick to jail when you get the answer.

And the Olympic Stadium contract. He was a terrible, terrible Mayor, an equally terrible Foreign Secretary, who only survives because we’re in an era where his freewheeling style works. He’s basically made where he has because he’s blagged, nothing more, nothing less.

I hope nobody brings up the £200k of taxpayers money wasted by Boris on those decrepit German water cannons.

Resist populism – > Third_Age_of_Mankind
It was never supposed to be paid for by public money. That was the deceit. It was supposed to be privately financed. But as with many things – sponsors for academies for example and private companies bailing on public contracts when they realise they can’t extract enough profit – the taxpayer pays. This is Johnson’s legacy and how he operates. So enough wasn’t supposed to be a public project.

The idea of sheriffs hunting down people well connected to the Tory party in order to seize assets in lieu of repayments, sounds good to me.

Can it be televised, on one of those procedural, follow the enforcers, documentaries?

karenthinks – > highburynation

A kind of Hunger Games?
Glutton Games.

Remember that on top of lying serially to his wife and family about his many adulteries, Boris was sacked from The Times for lying and sacked from the Tory front bench by Michael Howard for lying. Then he somehow pissed £37m of taxpayers money up the wall on a bridge that never got built and lied repeatedly during the referendum.

Despite all that, his constituents in Uxbridge will elect him again, probably with a larger majority. I don’t know what is wrong with some people.

I should imagine there’s a similar sound coming from the offices of the Mayor, ARUP, Heatherwick and TFL this afternoon – the humming of shredders and mouses clicking as files are deleted.

Kudos to Private Eye for pursuing this doggedly.

I knew this bridge was going to be crap – I didn’t realise until I saw the image it was going to be H R Geiger meets Barbara Cartland’s Hat grotesque though!

Don’t forget the role of Progress run Lambeth council who did everything they could to ensure the bridge avoided planning scrutiny. Councillor Lib Peck council leader dismissed opposition as”

John2o2o2o – > hogsback
This piece on government corruption is an hour long, but an eye opener. I’ve posted a link to it twice before, but it still seems very relevant.

It is a presentation by Ian Hislop and Richard Brooks to The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee in October of last year.

Perhaps it is because the media is dominated by right wing interests that this matter does not receive more attention.

Boris Johnson as Mayor of Londonwas neither strong nor stable. This is just one of the many vanity projects he backed. He didn’t have the balls to speak to Margaret Hodge, not surprising given the extraordinary lengths he went to funnel cash to The Garden Bridge and designer Heatherwick the bizarrely accolade strewn chap whose state funded projects often end in chaos.

Also left with their reputation in tatters Evening Standard editor Sarah Sands. When she was editor she barely covered the growing scandal -instead of protecting the interests of Londoners she used her increasingly discredited paper to shill for the project and for her friend Boris Johnson. –

It beggars belief how she can occupy the editor ‘s chAir at the BBC’s prestigious Today programme after a journalistic failure on this scale.

zephirine – > LukeyStan
Is there any breakdown of how that £37.4m has been spent?

Margaret Hodge’s report is on the website, I haven’t read it all through but there seems to be plenty of detail.

Well I’m sure that the Taxpayers Alliance will be only too willing to get involved.

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