London BridgeGate Part viii

Is this yet another Tory MP who potentially should be reported to the CPS.

We need a Guardian investigation and front page splash towards the end of May as to how many Tory MPs are under investigation by our law enforcement agencies.
Can I suggest names and photographs.

Meanwhile in Scotland today in Banchory our Strong and Stable wooden prime minister is out speaking to the general public, oops got that wrong speaking to a carefully selected few Tory supporters, speaking about the coalition of chaos. Meanwhile in the UK the disabled are losing allowances and motability awards, tax credits are cut, we still have aircraft carriers with no planes (can they get into Portsmouth harbour yet), the government desperately tries to avoid releasing information prior to June the 8th, GDP growth is dropping significantly, the OBR are not releasing new forecasts based on these stats, inflation is increasing all the time and the use of food banks is at an all time high.

This was a vanity project and should never have been built.
Cycle lanes have been inserted pushing traffic further and further into congestion – and the horrid blue cycle paths are now deemed unsafe due to skiddy surface. McAdam knew what he was inventing with his safe surfaces.
And now Boris thinks he is up to the job of Foreign Secretary – why on earth did she appoint him? Mayday! Mayday!

ASLEF shrugged – > bolshevik96
From the Garden Bridge Trust press release 10 June 2016

Pre-planning (up to the point at which the Garden Bridge Trust took control of the project from TfL) – design, preparation of planning application materials by specialist technical consultants, public consultations. £9.7m (27%)

Pre-construction activities – progressing the design; obtaining licenses, permits and planning approvals (including stakeholder and community consultation) for detailed plans, for example the Construction Logistics Plan, Code of Construction Practice, operations and security plans. Other activities include selection and tagging of trees and plants, river survey and ground investigation works, procurement of the construction and landscaping contractors, procuring and placing orders for materials. £22.7m (63%)

Professional services -legal, property & planning advice. £3.4m (10%)

Of the £36.4m received, the total cost of public funding spent so far is just under £36m. This excludes a £1.3m of liability. This was a figure allocated for costs incurred if the project was stopped for any reason.

How to get lots of money out of the government
1) think of a grandiose vanity project
This one is tiny up to, 3 aircraft carriers (reduced to 2),4 nuclear submarines, hosting the Olympics, HS2 etc.
2) attach the name of a royal / say it is for the patriotic good of the country
3)say that you have loads of investors /advertisers/will create zillions of jobs
4) say it will be the legacy of the current political leader
5) underplay all the costs and overplay the benefits
6) get the flavour of the day celebrity /sports person to sell the idea to the public
7) regeneration is a word that is essential.
Then watch as it all comes crashing down as the money gets used up in viability studies. Planning consultancy fees, design and architects fees, management consultants, legal consultants, etc.
Everyone likes to sit in meetings but when it actually comes to getting things done ,the project has overrun hopelesly on cost.

T0nyN -> ASITIS1000
“will create zillions of jobs” I think the words “up to” need to be in there. Then it would cover all eventualities.

ASITIS1000 – > ASITIS1000
Sometimes as a country we can get it right but it is usually when we are replacing like with like. Windsor castle repairs, reconstruction of rail line to Cornwall, rebuilding of tadcaster and elland bridges. It’s the new stuff where there are too many sticky fingers in the pie.

If there is a genuine need for a novelty bridge, why not create a copy of the medieval London Bridge? As with the original, it would come complete with shops, housing and a tower with some spikes on which to place the heads of idiot politicians, like Boris.

Just how much corrupt capital was riding on this can be gauged by the fact that Khan could not unequivocally voice his opposition to this crazy idea at the time of the mayoral election.  It was only once he was elected that he could manoeuvre himself into a position of being able to say no.

The London Bubble and the EU Bubble. The ECB the EMF and IMF Bubble. The bankers Bubble. They play the game of extravagance, self-satisfaction, re-cycled wealth and wasteful resources that confuse the enemy and the wider populous to the point where even the Bubble has to admit its own folly and admit defeat at some stage. We’ve seen it happen to Greece and we might see it happen to Europe.

Another fat boy with bad hair to join Trump and N.Korea s leader.

They are all projects characterised by the promise of private sponsorship that have ended up draining the public purse, standing as costly monuments to Johnson’s self-promotion.

Yet people keep voting for Johnson and his party. Londoners had good sense to throw Johnson out at the last election and I feel that Labour’s Sadiq Khan has been doing a good job since becoming Mayor. A friend of mine, who lives in Johnson’s parliamentary constituency, consistently tells me how he does not represent his constituents, refusing to turn up for meetings, unless it suits him and his party’s cause. My Tory MP and that of my parents is exactly the same – they completely disregard their constituents in favour of party interests and their corporate benefactors. God help us all if the Tories end up with a landslide majority at the general election.

I wrote as soon as Sadiq was elected to ask him to review and scrap this project. I was given the “logical” response that since 20+ million of public money had already been spent a further expenditure of about 12 was justified. Or the whole lote would be written off. Now we have it being scrapped with a loss of 60 million. I just donated to the refurb of the Queen Elizabeth Hall out of my small pocket for sentimental reasons and a belief in the Southbank Centre. How can it be that our premier music arts centre has to around with a begging bowl when public funds (at this time of NHS and social care cuts) are poured down the drain on an elitist chummy touristy token in the manner of the French monarchy before the Revolution? Too much cake (for some) too little bread for the rest.

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