Boris Johnson garden bridge is dead – now £37m of public money must be repaid – Oliver Wainwright

”Varnished with a Kevlar coating of celebrity sparkle, Bullingdon Club backing and architectural fairy dust, the garden bridge has always seemed capable of surviving every missile of common sense thrown at it. For three years it has been fiercely opposed by supporters of gardens and bridges alike, of which this Boris Johnson vanity project was clearly never either. But now it seems its invincibility cloak has finally worn off, as London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has refused to guarantee further funding for his predecessor’s misguided folly.”

”The blame lies firmly with former mayor Boris Johnson, the one actor in this sorry saga who refused to comply with Margaret Hodge’s recent inquiry into the project.”

scribe speak
The project was corruption, vanity and shameless corporate interest with a cherry on top. Johnson is unfit for any public office. And yes, the money should be paid back.

Don’t worry he IS very popular, he’s in the papers all the time, saying bullitwang things like mugwump, and getting headlines, so he must be good eh. He never gets mud thrown at him at all. I think all those involved in this scandal should be charged the costs already run up for ‘consultancy’ fees.  Fat boy should be also charged for all the other vanity projects that have cost taxpayers money, funny how they slag off Labour for wasting taxpayers money yet they get off scot free from any charges. Where is Laura Kuenssberg on this one?

steve sanderson
In the north west we are also getting a new bridge between Runcorn and Widnes. A project desperately needed due to congestion on the old Runcorn Widnes bridge.
So, how is this being paid for? It’s a vital new bridge but in the north both bridges will have a £2 toll for every crossing. Even though the old bridge currently is free it’s going to get a toll.

The comparison is stark. Boris Johnson and Osborne give £37 million for a vanity project out of public money in London. In the north we will be paying for ever more for a vital new bridge.
Lock em up!

A common theme through johnsons life seems to be the ease with which old school chums and family acquaintances can get him to do their bidding.
Listen to him talking to darius guppy about attacking a journalist, johnson is a very weak person. Link Here

TeddyFrench – > mr Grumpy
You might have to start with the sell-off of the public utilities: e.g railways (now partly owned by foreign State enterprises); water (ditto); State school assets given away to free school and academy managers. The one-nation Tory MacMillan saw the neo- liberal impending disaster when he recognised that selling off the “family silver” was worse than foolish. Now, the housing crisis is exacerbated by Russsians and Chinese investing in United Kingdom housing. Don’t forget, public money helped to provide the UK’s housing stock before the big sell-off of council houses. You couldn’t make it up: UK citizens’ taxes used to subsidise nnd give away your country to foreigners… it’s only the tf of the iceberg!

“It was Johnson who took up his childhood chum Lumley’s idea”

Eh……Boris is 52 & Joanna is 70

ASLEF shrugged – > Shotcricket
She was “Auntie Jo” when he was a brat

GW: So Ms Lumley spent ”time” @ the Johnson household. Hmmmmm

I have a house in a city in central Java in Indonesia, a country regularly slagged off as corrupt from ‘from the top of society to the bottom’. We have several rivers running through the city but if anyone had tried, or maybe tries, a stunt like the Thames Garden Bridge the cries of corruption would be immediate and very loud, and, this may not be believed but it is true, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) would investigate and they have real enforceable powers that are used, not just waved around.

There are times when I think the British media need to get out more and stop assuming Britain’s level of corruption and abuse of democracy is not bad on the international scale and therefore unworthy of the strict enforcement of the law; this is not the case and many traditionally traduced nations are now becoming by comparison beacons of probity in public administration.

This sounds like it would have become a mini-Millennium Dome. I went to that exhibition back in 2000 and it was utter shite. A huge waste of public money!  Ah that was MandleSham & T Bliar.  

We have to ask ourselves what the Symbology surrounding the ”Dome” is all about and why it is important to tptwtb.

”In Illuminati symbolism and energy manipulation you invariably find the obelisk close to the dome. The obelisk is the symbol of male energy, the dome is the womb, the female. Now look what has happened in London. The British Government under both Conservative and Labour administrations (same thing) have spent the best part of a BILLION pounds to built the vast “Millennium Dome”. Where have they placed this grotesque waste of money? On the opposite side of the Thames from the Canary Wharf obelisk.”

”On the hill above these two Illuminati creations for the Millennium is; the Greenwich Observatory, the zero point of “clock” time to which all linear “time” is related. And the zero time line passes very close to the obelisk and the dome. The Queen of England, head of the House of Windsor, was apparently there on Millennium Night, just as George Bush and co were in Giza.”  

Celebrated with Silver 5 pound coin with Queen’s Head on it.

Link Here.

They then held a ”birthing ceremony” @ 2012 Olympics.  Discussion Link Here.


In a malodorous stench machine of corruption this-

In a move that has raised concerns over conflict of interest, both Isabel Dedring and Rich di Cani now enjoy senior positions at Arup, where most of the £37.4m of public funding spent to date has been funnelled; TfL and the department for transport have both denied any such conflict.

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