BBC Question Time: Theresa May Excoriated By Calm Oxford Man Over Election And Jeremy Corbyn

”The Tories seem to have no policy except throwing a puce at Jeremy Corbyn.”

”A member of last night’s BBC Question Time audience took just under a minute to calmly demolish Theresa May whilst defending Jeremy Corbyn over the ongoing General Election campaign.

Speaking from a studio in Oxford, the man accused the PM of failing to fully participate in the campaign trail and the Tories of being more interested in abusing the Labour leader than announcing policies.

Link Here

The measured outburst came a day after Boris Johnson described Corbyn as a “mugwump”.”

Robert Stanley · The Open University
Despite the strong and stable’ guff, which is rapidly becoming a joke now anyway, May is very much a case of ‘the Emperor’s new clothes’. There is no real substance there.. a pound shop Margaret Thatcher without the intelligence or bite.

Hopefully even Brexit-blinded might start to catch on over the next few weeks.

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