London Garden BridgeGate Part iv

Another Thames-related incident where public money was disgracefully wasted occurred on the evening of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race just after the National Lottery had begun in the mid-nineties.

When the National Lottery show was broadcast that evening, the BBC had a reporter stood outside the venue where the winning crew were toasting their success. It was already about 8:30pm and already dark, so the reporter was stood under the camera crew’s bright lights.

He was stood next to a rack of boats and gleefully pointed out the very boat that had won the race earlier that afternoon, saying it was absolutely state-of-the-art and cost a fortune. He then explained that a tradition of the Boat Race demanded that the winning crew destroyed their boat, smashing it to smithereens Bullingdon Club style, and therefore that particular boat would never be used again.

“But don’t worry” he said “because a new boat will be paid for from the National Lottery fund”.

What an insult to the millions of viewers at home dreaming of escaping the drudgery of working class life. How they must have been overjoyed to learn their money was being completely trashed by a bunch of over-privileged A-holes.

SlyFondle – > DanielEyre
some Tories consider him “the Churchill of our times”…

An over-stuffed, self-promoting, puppet? Oh yes.

Haggle – > DanielEyre
Boris Island (absurd)
Oh and don’t forget the second hand non functioning water canons.

– We already knew Johnson is a pompous moron
– We already knew the Garden Bridge was a pointless extravagance

These points are an irrelevance, what would be good would be if the newspapers and Khan could tell us:

-What/who exactly the £37m of taxpayers money has been wasted on
– Given how dodgy this whole project has been whether there is any way to recover some of this money

I’ll be paying about 90k in tax this coming year and it frustrates me to be told that a huge chunk of public money was flushed down the drain like this.

snake – > ricky73
I agree, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It pains me to see the amount of government spending siphoned off by profiteers – the train and utilities companies, the parasitic job advisers and prison companies and most of all, the financial sector reliant on government backing to leech the economy rather than lending for productive purposes. And I suspect a rather bigger proportion of my full time job’s income is taken in total taxes (including Council Tax and 20% VAT).

Not really surprising given that Boris is a self-serving, self-indulgent, liar who messes up virtually everything he touches. Of course he also helped bring about Brexit.

GW:  ”Forest” Johnson DID NOT bring about Brexit!  He was sent out by the ToriCons to do a half-hearted campaign which he did not believe in.  He was as surprised as the Tori Party at the Referendum Result.

ASLEF shrugged – > HellsKitchenGuy
Strike that, reverse it.

If Lumley met Boris when he was four she’d have been 22 or there about Auntie Joanna indeed!

Why don’t they just concrete over Dumbumbo, Lumley and Osborne and use them as a feature in any future building project. It would stop any of them ever screwing more money out of the public purse for their crap projects. This scheme was designed to be a chummy corporate beanfeast underpinned by the taxpayers. You’d have to be a complete tosspot to even consider the idea. Wonder what the Evening Standard makes of the failed project?

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