London Garden BridgeGate Part ii

The prize for the most idiotic argument in favour of the bridge goes to Nick Clegg, who said he supports the bridge “because it’s unwise to disagree with Joanna Lumley”.
(Evening Standard column 24/09/15)

Since the Qataris own just about every acre of land in central London now (them or the odious Candys Nick & Christian), why don’t they bank roll Tom Hetherington’s harmless confection? A £70-million shortfall to get the project underway? Peanuts. They probably paid 10 times that to recover the ‘royal hostages’ earlier this month.

Pay back my £12m…or you may be hurt by Russians: Holly Valance’s London property tycoon husband Nick Candy accused of mafia-style threat in sensational court papers

jess @ DM staffs, United Kingdom
They started out as builders and made their money with sheer hard work

”One Hyde Park protrudes aggressively into the skyline like a visiting spaceship, a head above its red-brick and gray-stone Victorian surroundings.

The emphasis everywhere is on secrecy and security, provided by advanced-technology panic rooms, bulletproof glass, and bowler-hatted guards trained by British Special Forces. Inhabitants’ mail is X-rayed before being delivered.

The secrecy extends to the media, many of whose members, including myself and the London *Sunday Times’*s and *Vanity Fair’*s A. A. Gill, have tried but failed to gain entry to the building.

One Hyde Park was built by two British brothers, Nick and Christian Candy, together with Waterknights, the international property-development company owned by Qatar’s prime minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani. Christian, 38, a lanky former commodities trader, is the duo’s discreet number cruncher, while his stockier, tousled-haired brother, Nick, 40, is its flashy, name-dropping, celebrity-loving public face. The Candys don’t go in for small gestures. In October, Nick married the Australian actress Holly Valance in Beverly Hills, after she had announced their engagement by tweeting a photo of Nick down on one knee proposing on a beach in the Maldives. In flaming torches behind the happy couple, will you marry me was written, without the usual question mark.

The really curious aspect of One Hyde Park can be appreciated only at night. Walk past the complex then and you notice nearly every window is dark. As John Arlidge wrote in The Sunday Times, “It’s dark. Not just a bit dark—darker, say, than the surrounding buildings—but black dark. Only the odd light is on. . . . Seems like nobody’s home.””

Boris JohnStone
Never knowingly overbrained

Guess – > GordonStunn
/……….at least he’s not boring and bland. I mean the idea of the man negotiating peace in Syria with Putin, representing us in Europe etc terrifies me – how can someone like that be allowed to take me into war – ridiculous. Its like having a standup comedian representing you in court – I understand the resentment people feel at someone whose only qualification to be in the position they are in is privilege not competence. But the bridge, the buses – yeah all cool like I think he would be a better culture secretary than foreign secretary.

So how many bridges, collapsed walkways would this have helped in the floods of 2015, loads, but instead Bozo the clown sees fit to glad-hand people/companies with money for a vanity project that was never going to benefit londoners, more a corporate venue for bankers and hangers on, the man oozes crassness and stupidity, people say he is intelligent, that’s the shtick he pumps to an adoring crowd, hopefully an ever diminishing crowd…

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