In the last PMQs before the general election, Jeremy Corbyn showed he has the character for the fight

”Theresa May looked uncomfortable. Corbyn, in what almost seemed a farewell gesture, returned to the tactic of reading out questions from others. She tried to be respectful of these “ordinary working people” in whose name she claims to be fighting this election. But she was only going through the motions and then actually paused before switching to her prepared lines. Some of them were slogans that sounded as if they had been market-tested in the furnaces of Lynton Crosby’s smelting works, such as “strong and stable” versus “coalition of chaos”.

The gigantic Pearls she normally wears have gone. Has Crosby told her to ditch ’em?

Others were attack lines provided by the Conservative research department, whose staff have to do little more energetic than reading Twitter these days. The Prime Minister quoted a document produced by something called the Socialist Campaign for Labour Victory, which wanted to abolish MI5 and murder the firstborn (or something), and which had been endorsed by John McDonnell, the shadow Chancellor, and Andrew Fisher, Corbyn’s head of policy.”

”What we learned from this double-length valedictory session of PMQs, as the Speaker allowed a queue of departing MPs the chance to say goodbye, is that Corbyn is not going to crumple during the election campaign. Unlike Theresa May, he does seem to quite like campaigning, even when people are shouting at him.”

Bob Studholme
Go to You Tube. Look for Clement Atlee. Remark on the fact that this man had no hair, zero charisma and still brought education, health care and social security to a nation made penniless by the war. Then think about the fact that the nation has to do other things after Brexit and that Corbyn might just be able to bring education, health care and social security to a nation made nearly penniless by Tories – a more insidious form of warfare.

Darren Gladstone
So far I’ve heard nothing from May except the mantra of her “Strong and Stable” government – which if you take an objective look at it, isn’t strong nor stable. And she’s full of U-Turns (how many now???).
Hmmmm……lots of catchphrases but little else from May – what is she hiding (apart from Boris Johnson)?

GW:  A NON Brexit and a behind closed doors give away of our UK defence forces to an EU Army with a huge Tax Levy of 2 percent across Schengen to underpin the EURO Darren – that’s what she is hiding.

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