Brexit or Die – Rodney Atkinson

George The Greek Trucker

Published on Apr 26, 2017
1-11-2014 Rodney Atkinson at the British Constitution Group meeting.

Antonio Teixeira (edited)
Excellent!! Well stated indeed!
Europe = social engineering labotomization conditioning for the perpetuation of a ponzi pyramid caste economical serf/slave system of debt!
Promoting ALL kinds of debt!!!
Germans…well, actually, inbred Rothchiiiilld (and others – the Black Nobility Lombard Banksters) Nero peadophile compost c****…….😤😤😤😤

Will our incarnating species of awareness…incarnating upon these highly complex Self Organising Bioverses, will WE ever be able to actually BE a PROPER Advanced TYPE 1 Civilization????????? Or just slaves to inbred entities…????

Oh My Goodness

penny fulton
The only way to ever get rid of extraneous powers, is for the public to EXPECT to vote for POLICY not persons, and to APPOINT sackable facilitators of the POLICY. owned by the public : not ‘parties’ ( sic ) on the terms and conditions set by the public, their employer .

Public Expectation rules the world, no power exists unless the majority of the public EXPECT to give their own power away to them.

penny fulton
We aren’t in the EU, since the late 80’s we’ve been in the European United States of America. Bound, and if we don’t get out now, bound forever by The Lisbon and Maastericht treaties, to rule by the EUSA .

A friend (edited)
shared . xx #fan of Rodney Atkinson !! Except the UKip Movement.. as that’s just controlled opposition… due to freemasons.

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