Barclays Bankster Jes Staley Refuses To Step Down Even Though He Admits His Action To Unmask Whistleblower Was ”A Mistake”

”Jes Staley, the chief executive of Barclays, has admitted he made a mistake in his repeated attempts to unmask a whistleblower but said he did not offer his resignation over the scandal.”

”The American is under mounting pressure after a shareholder advisory service, ISS, advised investors to abstain from backing his re-election to the board at next month’s annual general meeting because of the ongoing investigation by the City regulators into breaches of whistleblowing rules.”

“As I’ve said I made a mistake. I was trying to protect a vulnerable colleague. I should have left the organisation to handle it,” said Staley, who was forced to take questions on the matter as he presented the bank’s first-quarter profits.

Staley refused to provide any more details about the situation, which has stunned the City since the bank said two weeks ago that his bonus would be cut after he became too involved in the whistleblowing case. This related to the conduct of Tim Main, who worked with Staley at US bank JP Morgan and was then recruited to Barclays in a senior role last June.”

”The chief executive of Barclays is being investigated by financial regulators and faces a significant cut to his pay after admitting trying to unmask a whistleblower who made allegations about a long-term associate he had brought to the bank. ‘

Gcorbs Myro117 10 Apr 2017
Bless, he should be shown the door and replaced by the whistle-blower

ferfcuksake 10 Apr 2017
Sack him.
Looks like he dyes his hair, that should be reason enough. What a spiv

duroi ID1530339 10 Apr 2017
Jail is often the outcome, but for the whistleblower not the bank execs.
When an HSBC employee revealed the list of tax dodgers hiding money in HSBC’s Swiss bank, guess who was facing criminal prosecution? The whistleblower.
The UK government, FCA and the Treasury take care of their old Eton mates. So no bank employee dares to become a whistleblower against the top management.

Andrew Johnson – > Pratandwhitney 10 Apr 2017
The Board have proven themselves to be wholly ineffectual in supervising their CEO.  As they did with Bob Diamond. After much cajoling of the Board, the PRA, under Andrew Bailey, said enough is enough and ousted Diamond as someone who was not ‘fit and proper’.

It seems the Board remains weak and ineffectual. You would think it might be keen to show after all this years that it finally got the importance of culture but apparently not.

miindofdelusioniii 10 Apr 2017
How can this kind of injustice happen in Tory Britain. I thought the rich were meant to be immune from scrutinisation?

DonaldHenley – > GCday 10 Apr 2017
Either Staley is a congenital halfwit in which case he really should not be in charge of the bank or he is a lying sack of crap – in which case he needs to go and quite frankly face prosecution. There isn’t a 3rd option of chopping a bit off his bonus. You cannot get a little bit pregnant son..

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