Barclays Bankster BallsUp Part ii

Barclays Bankster Jes Staley Refuses To Step Down Even Though He Admits His Action To Unmask Whistleblower Was ”A Mistake”

baerchen 10 Apr 2017
CEOs of megabanks are capable of making honest mistakes, but this isn’t an example of one.

Anyone who has worked for JPM, or any other large bank, at a senior level knows full well that whistleblower legislation is constructed the way it is for a reason.  Staley knows, McFarlane knows, and I know that he is absolutely lying through his teeth about this and the senior directors are covering their arses and circling the waggons purely out of self-interet

Thomas1986 – > baerchen 10 Apr 2017
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, said in an interview in 2010 (about Staley):

Jes has impeccable character and integrity

I guess they just have lower standards than the rest of us when it comes to integrity and ethics…


Oath – > William D’arblay 10 Apr 2017
I always find it interesting that our lords and masters would like us to work like the Chinese, and work for Chinese wages, but they are very quiet about China’s propensity to execute senior people who commit fraud etc.

BonyTony 10 Apr 2017
Everyone working in the regulated sector, including banks, knows that whistleblowers are protected.

Whistleblowing, by its nature, involves making a confidential disclosure to an independent person or body. The Bank of England even have a webpage on this subject.

All employees have mandatory training in this area on joining firms (plus periodic updates).

The CEO should be sacked.

colddebtmountain 17m ago
And so this nasty, little, vindictive man hasn’t got the guts to resign. What’s new about City folks, huh, ain’t got a gut between ’em.

Sal2011 1h ago
What happened to the BBC recording of the Bank of England being involved in fixing LIBOR? Seems to have been swept under the carpet. The whole banking system is corrupted to the core, and a major cause of social, economic inequity in the UK and rest of the world. Needs radical reform, including the whole system of Central Banking with its monopoly control of monetary policy.

Ivankinsman 2h ago
Send him to prison for attempting to cover up wrong doing in the bank. Typical of the bad breed of bankers from 2008 who should have been kicked out a long time ago.    A complete clean sweep of unethical banking executives such as this man is required to restore public trust in the banking system.

GW:  Absolutely.  Since 2008 banking has lost all customer respect.

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