An Old Jewish Joke

From Gilad Atzmon.
Is Wolf Blitzer A Jewish Mother?

Here is an old Jewish Joke:

What’s the difference between a Jewish Mother and a Rottweiler?

Eventually the Rottweiler lets go!

But Blitzer won’t let go.

Watch this disgusting CNN interview

Full interview: Sean Spicer’s apologizes for Hitler reference

NPP: The recent and ever on-going anti-Semite accusations against everyone and anyone from Jeremy Corbyn to Ken Livingston and beyond always remind me of ‘I think he doth protest too much…’  Heck Corbs is probably Jewish anyway!  Stop shouting!  What MORE do you want?

Hey TAP, I see Gavin McInnes on the holocaust has been removed. Do you think it was something he said?

Gavin McInnes Grows Tired of Holocaust Indoctrination, Claims Israeli Government Paid for Rebel Media Trip

GW:  We are all getting a bit tired of the shouting about how the Holocaust was so terribly bad.  The Jewish State has had lots of funding via reparation payments already   The debt has been paid.  There has been plenty of other shocking things done to mankind by mankind other than this one event and they have gone largely unreported and unrepresented in the history books e.g. the Holodomor; large scale rape of German women and children by Soviets; the fire bombing of Dresden killing large numbers ofChristians.  Enough!  Gilad Atzmon is a Jewish Treasure.

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