Boris Johnson Garden Bridge should be scrapped, Hodge review finds

And another thing just look what Chunky Mark is saying Gideon.  GW.  Yes Gideon?  Why do you always listen to all that shouting?  Well Gideon, he’s making very good points about the scrapping of nurses’ bursaries and how awful the ToriCons have been about the NHS generally.

But GW what about the work Margaret Hodge has done recently with her report about that Garden Bridge.  Really Gideon?  Yes she has advised Sadiq Khan that despite the Tori promises of loads of private cash paying for it, it appears that vast amounts of public money has been used so far.  Furthermore it has been pointed out that another footbridge is not really needed there.  She said better to draw a line under it and learn some lessons from the debacle.  And there was no shouting involved at all GW.  Lots of writing and no shouting GW.  Hmmm Gideon, you have a point there.

Wasn’t that all signed off on Boris Johnson’s watch?  Clickety Clickety Click Click Click.  Hmmm More BoJo Mayhem this time financial mis-management.  That also ties in nicely with the Olympic Stadium Overspend spoken about recently by that other UK  Social Watchdog Mr Alan Dransfield.

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