Alex Jones Is Not Bill Hicks

Brendon O’Connell

Published on Apr 26, 2017
I am angry. I have been living a lie. I am trying to be nice and palatable in the hope Alex Jones will interview me and make me a star. The truth? I am just a foul mouth thug. Iranians are so polite…it was to hard to play the game when the business of destroying the racist apartheid state needed to be done, then tea and biscuits for everyone. For Iranians…its ALWAYS tea/chai and biscuits. Like…I mean…ALWAYS. In fact forget tactical nukes. Just drop 40,000tons of high quality tea all over the border regions and strategic centers along with 27,000 tons of sweet, high quality biscuits and various sweets. Even as the tanks roll over them and their hot pot of chai/tea simmering on their outside stove, they will be running to get the final drops in case they need a cup of chai while fighting to the death. The secret to defeating Iranians is to simply ply them with tea/chai. They simply cannot go 5 minutes without a tea break.

After doing the Max Igan interview I was exhausted. %90 of my brain glucose use was positioned in my higher brain function frontal lobes trying not to swear via my emotional limbic system.

People say I hate Jews. That is incorrect. I hate Christian evangelicals except of my nice sweet evangelical friends. I hope they never see this video. But I have to tell it like it is.

On “Jews”? I just extremely dislike racist, arrogant, supremacist, asshole, hypocrite Jews. They suffer a mental illness and need help, love and understanding. But to watch followers of Christ move into bed with his greatest haters? It’s too much. Its too ridiculous. I cannot process it.

Evangelicals clap their hands when another bomb goes off in the Middle East…coz that means Jesus will be back soon.

We need to point out to people from North Carolina that Jesus was a brown skinned semite. Not a blonde haired, blue eyed rock god, just out of the LA School of Rock. Jesus was not a blue eyed Russian Jew.

I feel a need to point out this self evident fact and dream a dream…the second coming is lead by Bill Hicks The Baptist who will prepare the way for the Messiah…

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