Uber Want to Launch ”Flying Cars”

Travis Kalanick – Cameo’s Mate – How big did you say your Todg ….. erm …… is?  That big?  Really?  Oh you mean your EGO.  I thought you were talking about something else.  Crass individual by most people’s standards.  Making money off the backs of  foreign cab drivers by undercutting black cabs.


Posting big losses last year. Uber don’t look very healthy.


What a load of utter nonsense. Uber are a cheapskate organisation and it will not be that long before they crash and burn. And good riddance to them!

Flying cars are a really terrible idea. I don’t want to think about a future where we will never again see a nice uncluttered blue or cloudy sky but instead a sky blighted by torrents of flying vehicles. What a nightmare scenario.

GW: Isn’t the Uber Boss one of CamoFlage’s buddies?  See


Furthermore Uber’s Travis Kalanick is nothing more than an over-paid oik who has rather awful attitudes towards his own staff!

”Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has issued yet another apology, this time for yelling at an Uber driver during a conversation about the status of the ride-hail company’s premium UberBlack service.”

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